Space to speed

January 30th, 2019

I have always been passionate about the prospective of building things.  As a young boy I entertained building forts, houses and occasionally small castles.  Assembling forts taught me that knowledge and experience with structure was just as important as imagination; perhaps more so if the fort is to remain standing.  I did better later with houses and never got around to those castles.  At first the idea that you could only do a task a certain way with any real success felt like a huge limitation.  Soon I learned to cheat (imagine it differently) and with lots of practice generated successful outcomes.  I learned two things in that long trial and error period: intuition was not always right and you could often circumvent or improve on current rules of structure.

It’s a good thing that Aristotle was a philosopher and not a contractor.  His ideas about the universe were very intuitive but not correct.  For him space and time were absolutes.  Today the philosophical views and science have changed and perhaps cheated on a lot of those old intuitive constructs.  Welcome to the “no absolute” world but we still appear to have lots of rules and structure.  Is this appearance just a product of intuition not catching up?  In 1905 the structure started its move towards relativity (Einstein) and away from absolutism.  But is not the speed of light a constant (Maxwell)?  If we take a close look at this limit, which marks the maximum speed of a wave (magnetic, electrical, light, etc.) in the universe and step out of the intuitive concept of speed, like speed limits for vehicles, we discover a bigger concept.  As we approach this limit in movement the universe gets smaller.  We run out of space and not speed.  A car that could drive 120 MPH cannot move at all in a closed garage.  Speed and space are relative and mass a contributing factor to speed.  Very counter-intuitive now but intuition matures slowly and will catch up over time as a bio-product of the evolutionary mandate guidance.  

As an example, look at the rule E=mc2 where E is the energy, m is mass and c is that fun little speed limit that is in reality a space limit.  Time to tune up your intuition with a party.  You are invited, along with a few mutual friends, to a wine drinking event by my backyard fire pit.  I will carefully weigh all the firewood and put a protective screen over the fire to salvage all the ash.  We chat, drink lots of wine and stay warm by the fire until it expires.  Later, when my head feels better,  I may weigh all the ash and determine exactly how much mass was spent to sustain the fire.  It will be a very small amount but we can figure the mass consumed.  All the heat and light went everywhere imaginable.  But everywhere imaginable is a just a space, filled with the heat and light waves and defined by the parameter c times c or c2.  This is a very logical and intuitive idea because you were in that space and you felt the heat and witnessed the light.  It is all relative but well defined.  Grandpa would have never understood this concept.  A statement of evolution.


Magic Becoming

December 25th, 2018

Many thousands of years past all of humanity lived in the age of magic.  Like all the various evolutionary stages, each are now relegated to a period of time during child development.  The type of magic that I have been exploring in this last series of blogs is “indefinable phenomena attached to a statement of will.”  Those awesome moments when we think about or attend to an issue and it resolves in some unpredictable way.  At day’s end you are thinking about food and come upon strangers that invite you to their feast—how delicious.  However, in the epoch of magic “will” was also developing and if the stranger’s will was stronger you could be the feast.  In another form of magic we could discover amazing facts that lack any will but are still unknown and unpredictable.  For example, whoever guessed that a crocodile can outrun a human without ever witnessing the event or being in a chase?  If chased and you survive that would also be a type of magic.  The internal range for magic is from the feeling of fear to delight.  Don’t small children respond to stimulus somewhere between apprehension and enthusiasm?

Since the beginning of mankind the evolutionary force (this driving push from guidance toward greater human potential and the mandate for more complexity) has tended to swing between extremes.  Everything in life has a range and a sense of balance or center point.  One end of this perpetual oscillation is depictive of humans relating to the awe of life and the other is competition.  Educated wise men in their lifetime have succumbed to the pursuit for love of God or just another human and passionate folks lost in the battle for proper structure or adhering to the rules flawed.  The difference is reliant on timing.  Being the person in that perfect location at the perfect time.  But life is never perfect and humans are designed with a metabolic rhythm and no real sense of this tumbling to change.  This is what I call a game.  Fun!

Over the centuries this pendulum swing has progressively become shorter and faster.  In the last century the majority of Americans have swayed their pursuits to the competitive side focused on the best demonstration of productivity, irrelevant of the cost to fellow humans.  But the grand aspect of an imperfect system is there are no absolutes; in this same time great strides have been made in equality for woman and minorities, longer life although not necessarily healthier yet and a flourishing relationship with artificial intelligence.  We amassed profit, data and technology beyond anyone’s vision.  All of these advances should prove useful as the swing moves toward attention to human development and within this version of this evolutionary step, perhaps global human balance.  How this will unfold may not be more charity, world aid or another version of “Peace Corps.”  For a time I will blog about this level of humans “becoming” and what my thought are.  All comments and views from you are appreciated.  Let’s journey forward from the problems and lack of awareness demonstrated today and imagine a different tomorrow.  A return not to the stage of magic but the spirit of magic–the unknown.  


Careful for bumps

November 30th, 2018

Did you know that you may cool water, in a very smooth container, to below freezing and not have it freeze?  Careful not to bump it.  You may also heat water in a very smooth container and not have it boil at the temperature that it should.  You may have read about this danger with microwaves.  I could see into an open cup of water I was using to prepare tea and the water should have been boiling according to the time I set.  I tapped the microwave and watched the water blow out of the cup—now boiling.  I guess super magic because this is super-cooling and super-heating.  It takes a nucleation point to change the state in a liquid.  Fancy word for a shake or a bump. 

Some thoughts may not be a part of the nucleation theory but since we are just creating (imagining) we might play with them as a metaphor.  Most of our fantasies and a lot of our plans are what psychics call “perfect pictures”—no vision of a hitch or disruption in the plan.  But the best of plans get you to a starting point and headed in the appropriate direction.  Not only is life too complex to plan for all variables; arriving at a goal is the act of becoming and not a simple journey from a point to a point.  When a point moves in a direction it creates a line, a line is a meta-pattern for a point.  A point after movement grows up to become the end of a line.  Humans never stop becoming but physically growing up appears to trade-off for physically growing older.  Research reveals that most of a human’s detail memory is for those years of transition from that end point of physical growth.  The only exception seems to be tragic moments in life that generate big change; perhaps a kind of nucleation point to activate or at least mark the change.      

Our intuition will compare a perceived upcoming event with past similar events and provide a quick reference on how to handle this next event safely.  Because life is habitual this works a lot of the time and you can’t turn this nagging assist off.  No two events are identically the same, similar is the benchmark, and this does not allow for an unknown potential for change in your life incited by an event.  If you allocate time and attend to all the details of the past event—what parts worked well and what parts didn’t—you build a larger range or more detailed database and that permits for a wiser decision with the “now less similar” event upcoming.  I have postponed upcoming events in the past just for time to re-examine past references to find insight for appropriate action.  We don’t always have this luxury  to reschedule and none of this is beneficial for unknown potential.  I can see the merit for an upset and even a crisis to buy time for more attention or seed the vision for an unknown potential.  If you can imagine the value of an upset, can you imagine tolerating a small bump for guidance and not becoming a “victim” to this change in direction as a failure, trauma or illness?  Life is the act of becoming.


Psychic Reading Skill

October 28th, 2018

After nearly twenty years playing with my “psychic reading” skills I became very confident and effective.  Had lots of questions and there were a plethora of folks with answers but most answers failed to ring true in my experience.  I rekindled  my novice “reading space” and joined the Berkeley Psychic Institute.  They don’t accept “professional psychics” so I had to drop that stance.  The cool part is that I  used my professional counseling money to pay the tuition.  BPI had more rules than answers but I soon learned that the structure was what I really needed.  An artist needs structure to produce their art form—the theme and expression are subjective and the same with counseling.  It was fun and very demanding with plenty of group political dynamics.

When the founder transitioned, BPI faded and diminished to its present reduced size.  A lot of the old BPI students did what I did, started their own training centers.  I formed the “Order of the Ascended Rose” in San Diego County and operated that for over fourteen years.  It was also fun; less rules but same structure framed as guidelines and also plenty of group political dynamics (human drama).  I closed that center and retired to Washington state where my wife and I now live.  If I can be of service for any questions you might have on “intuition” or “psychic readings” please e-mail me (

Some of my friends and former students came to visit for a week to explore a few advanced reading techniques.  They now “read” at a professional counseling service in the San Diego area but plan on opening their own service in the near future.  Below is a story about “reading screens” and a sample discussion on that concept.   We also produced two “YouTube” videos on intuition while they were here and the links are listed.

Because of the challenge I had getting meaningful answers when I was a professional counselor I always left the door open for questions from other professionals.  One such reader had an issue with her “reading screen”—double vision.  She had one image overlaid on the identical image below it.  Turns out that when she started she went to a training center to learn and they instructed her to create a screen (like a movie screen) which she did.  The subconscious in humans is all patterns and in a sort of state of balance with dialectic forces.  When a person attends to a pattern or imagines a change the pattern goes into  chaos which makes all or some of it conscious.  The person then has a question that they can’t make a decision on which is why they go to counseling.  A good counselor will fill in the missing data or explain the conflicting terms.  Informed, the person may thus make a decision and create a story (map) to move forward in life.  These patterns are subjective ideas (potentials) and need to be converted into the objective world of language to define their potential.  Imagined ideas are subjective; they don’t have a form or a location.  The “reading screen” is an assigned location and not a thing.  All that is needed to transform the patterns into something with a potential somewhere is a gateway into our objectified world.  You may decorate that gateway as much as you like but two will cause an issue.  We just destroyed her extra screen—problem solved.  Links to intuition chats:


Just Energy

September 27th, 2018

Lots of folks consider “intuitive counseling”, “intuitive reading”, “intuitive coaching” and even “intuitive science” as some type of magic.  For humans intuitive processing (inductive thinking) is always on and it is fast.  You in fact “white noise” it out to use the analytical part of your brain (deductive thinking).  This is a comparative human skill that evaluates each conscious event you are attending to and compares it to any similar event you may have experienced in the past.  Yes, this expedites decision-making for someone with lots of life experience and good assessment tools (present and conscious); but no two events are identically the same and you can easily get misdirected with assumptions.

The magic I think they refer to is that some folks report awareness of the energy around us that may be influencing us.  As a young child I felt the effect of these energies and always looked in their direction to confirm.  I would naturally state, “I thought I just saw something.”  All the kids I ever knew had similar responses and some perceived this energy as “beings.”  I never shared that perception—just the influence of the energy to make something happen.  Over time recognizing familiar energy patterns became part of my intuitive data base.

When in college I was out with three friends and on a whim we went to a “neon sign” psychic for fun.  I was the last to get a “reading” and the gypsy lady started by asking me why there were numbers all around me.  I explained that I was an engineering student and I worked part-time in a grocery store.  She inquired if I saw a child in the room and I confirmed that I perceived the energy of a little timid girl and perhaps from a foreign country (she was planning to adopt her sister’s child).  She was impressed with my vision and we spent the time developing my skill and confidence.  The other three received a typical default psychic reading.  I didn’t feel the need to share my experience and reported that my reading was “same same.”  After this I began coaching fellow students and honing my skills.

Ten years later I had my second experience with a psychic  because I was curious how numerology worked.  She wrote out my name, jotted the associated numbers and started to write several pages longhand while explaining her process.  Half-way through she paused and asked if I ever used the name Christopher.  I confirmed that I have used several different pseudo names and noticed that my energy changed.  The name Christopher felt strong and safe to me but this was all just a fun research project.  She then asked me how long I had been advising folks based on the energy influencing them.  We became friends for several years and I changed my name to Christopher.  This launched a “part-time” career that I have been practicing for over fifty years now.


Creation Game

August 19th, 2018

If in fact we may create at will, why all the struggle and limitation plaguing humans?  Imagine life as a game and no matter how well we play in the end we all die.  Is that not the nature of most games—a start and a finish?  Rich or poor, happy or sad, well or ill makes no difference at the finish line.  Is it wise to assume an after-life, soul personality or a heaven to hang out in?  We tried all those notions and folks holding those benchmarks as sacred have all passed with no report to confirm such assumptions.  There cannot be an absolute truth or there would be no will to imagine the game of life differently.  Boundaries only stabilize when they cease to be stakes in the game.  I think we need to take a close look at how the game plays out.

From our first moment of reasoning we could imagine things differently; we say we seek such opportunity but in fact filter random out because of the threat—death is a random event and not a habit of life.   But the concept of meta programs point to random as the starting point for life; and a diversion to the story of life as a learned habit experience supporting potential for change (past lives, karma, etc.).  We do most certainly secure into the habit of life as familiar and when that fails we hit a limit or threshold.  An unwise but common move in the game is to become laissez-faire and drop all those elements we are pined against down into the overcrowded level below.  A dive into chaos is not a smart move.  At this threshold point we may instead pause, analyze what is tabled and create a plan to secure a path forward.  To analyze is a process to imagine different outcomes and a plan it to imagine a future.  Not important to find the perfect course of action or even to have the plan works.  The game is about creation and will; the structure (rules and components) are revealed as you engage.  Each progressive level provides more complexity in structure.  Cool game!

The very fact of the limitations of conscious awareness and the choke of threshold make this game of creation and will a fun challenge.  With deterministic chaos we could just tumble in and reach the same goal that well strategized moves produce but the journey “abound the board” may play out less pleasant.  Is a rewarding “life” of potential and service the preferred path?  Victimhood, tragedy, trauma and ill health are less desirable markers to embrace.  If we are all players in this game perhaps the magic is how the players interact.  Is landing on someone’s owned “Boardwalk” a death (end of game), a disease (delayed end) or an opportunity to negotiate.  Finding solutions and style of playing are terms of relationships.  The skill of magic.





Magic and Structure

July 19th, 2018

Are you starting to see how associated magic is, causing change to occur in conformity with will, to the very act of creation, causing something to be?  Both definitions are subjective; a theme, idea or consideration to entertain or will into action, motion and of course balance between said theme and other considerations that have been relegated into objects.  Our human range of consciousness is very limited (concept of time) and to clear space we may assign an idea to a symbol in the external system (outside our concept of self).  Like taking a picture, it represents the idea in form but will eventually fade and deteriorate.  The only limit to this is our ability to perceive the assignments made.  How many ideas have you held sacred (transformed) that have failed to show up in form?  The challenge is structure, the logical and analytical search engine that we created to perceive all of this in some practical order (content for a story we may fabricate).  This system is developing as we culture it into enough complexity to include all those abstract ideas we have manifested into form.  Once this scheme is secure our attention may move to how the internal energy flow produces this magic and perhaps even creation.

Deborah and I, on our recent trip to Peru, experienced a local shamanic ritual.  The structure there is not developed yet enough for them to utilize  the concept of assignment; thus the ritual was based on transference.  Simple idea that “good stuff” may be exchanged for “bad stuff”.  We gain nutriment from eating healthy food, wash away dirt in a bath, undergo training to become skilled and wiser, etc.  The shaman carefully unwrapped an assortment of bundled local food items and celebration pieces like confetti to compound, like a pharmacist, a ritual packet of the “good stuff.”  Of course he blessed and rubbed this sacred package on each of us to activate the transfer and then destroyed the altered parcel of now “bad stuff” in a fire.  There was a clue that these local folks were close to the perception of assignment because the shaman revealed that, counter to tradition, he was training his daughter to become a shaman.  Do you see how slow this structure unfolds?  Since the invasion of the Spanish and infiltration of religion these folks have been exposed to the concept of assignment but are just now starting to apply this concept.

As we Americans move into the structure of Post-modern Culture, it will be interesting to observe how our art of magic matures to flower into the complexity and variations revealing.  We have always been and will always be whole but need space and structure to allow for that perception to be perceived in our conscious range.  We are the magicians and the game is unfolding.


Creation as Solitaire

June 11th, 2018

A human is an object/force with amazing potential for creation but unable to be conscious of that potential, will, drive or force as one image now.  Traditionally we make up stories to entertain that potential knowing that the stories could be possible but not necessarily true.  In the world of magic, a world where creation is imagined at will, we would need every potential of will represented.  Remember, stuff is an assignment and referenced to a location which makes it consistent—same place and same stuff—but energy is a force with movement or at least the potential for change.  I model this imagined idea of assignment to a limitation in potential for energy at a location as a compression or a type of holding of the force.  Subsequent to the assignment or the act of compression would be the restoration to energy, or decompression known as entropy.   If we imagine a balance of both form and potential for change we would need empty space to accommodate this perception.  This is just my model to understand what I’m not able as a human to “know” and not something anyone needs to believe as true.

A creation now for the game of life would need to be whole, all possible and perhaps assigned to a large location like the universe.  Every sub-location would reflect a different potential for the complete creation.  Every version or stream of possible human would reflect that limitation of all possible by the nature of the location attended to and the stream attending.  Now we have an imagined game with structure and it is playable.  Every version of player and every version of move would be contained within the system.  Within the context of the created structure (the rules or guidelines) you could experience any potential.  This is why I teach securing the concept of “no” and “done”—the nature of regulations.  Every location would offer a potential but only the version contained with the players stream.  It would be wise to have a sense of how your version of being would respond to a potential before you attend to that location.  This is why I teach securing “we” to sample those potential.  Simple steps: learn to know you (your marker or version), secure your relationship with the structure (attend to possible moves or change) and discover what a potential at a location has to offer by observing someone else residing there.  If you sample their version of being while they are at a location you would have a clue of how your version would differ at that same location.  The more folks or players you sample the better you will become at projecting your outcome in potential at that same location.

Is the universe really inside of “us” or is that imagined stream of sensory data describing a “real” universe somewhere outside?  Can you imagine a game of solitaire so complex and what would you use for markers to distinguish all the imagined players?  Only a god could do that.


Part 2 of Assignments, Stories & Models

May 25th, 2018

This present series of blogs is about magic.  I’m simply defining magic as creation at will.  Creation being the act of imagination and will be the act of intention.  To have intention you need someone to attend and some attention.  If you are conscious, present here now, and attending to anything, it may take a little time, but you can imagine it different.  This is the fun part.  Our ability to be conscious is limited and distraction is immense.   We may zoom in on what we are attending to and gain discernment but lose range.  We may zoom out and gain a larger range but lose all the details.  And with limited consciousness the expanse of range has limitation.  Some of the distractions are very important, some cautions and others opportunities to entertain.  But life is movement and balance and said movement produces the concept of time.  Somewhere in your vast unconscious are unique meta patterns for you that tune in how long (time), how much (size), how to sort (preference), and a few others.  Is it becoming obvious that control is also an illusion?  We start to label, by sharing or assigning, everything that catches our attention.  We created a digital symbolic system, language, to represent and share this database and we have an automatic (unconscious) program that will search and reveal data.  The default for this search engine that is always working (intuition) is familiar.  Variation in standards for searching for data may be assigned to different definitions or roles for the same individual and we title this states.  Artists, craftsmen, professionals are all proof that this default may be expanded but over time it condenses and alters data to conserve space and energy.  Yes, the assigned name makes the data an object which then has entropy and decays.  Those unconscious meta markers change in how they perceive value also over time and this influence is called memes.  Nothing is spared change, which is why I state life is about movement.  Essential to movement is balance and essential to balance is a relationship with ambient.  We are social by design, do set-ups in steps (may be unconscious) to accomplish an improvement in our relationship to our perception of value and accept most shared assignments to expedite this process.

The shared assignments in this illusion produce a relationship that we call reality.  With all the space around the unique point we allude to as self secured in titles or structure, we may begin to explore the interiority of that point of self.  How long did it take us humans, or better, how much movement did it take to arrive?  Being here now and looking inside is called trust.  Most humans are still in movement with anger, confusion, frustration and every other version of misdirected energy we call illness.  We have used that created tool of language to generate stories about all the above and they help some.  If you can generate an image, an exact but size-reduced model of the whole vision above and entertain it within a range of attention, with this trust, you could say you understand.  Life is simple—one image and lots of movement.



How to Create and Limit

April 29th, 2018

We know that science is based on objectified, predictable and consistent ideas.  This becomes part of what we term structure or rules; the “truth” for now.  Did you know that the speed of light, force of gravity and most of those other ideas of “truth” in fact vary regularly?  The consistency of these ideas is an assignment.  Someone is assigned the power to set a standard.   To explore this process of assigning and how it changes over time we need a model or a story.

By design we attend to what has our attention now and need to lay out the progression of events in a narrative for anything that develops over time.  I imagine that several individuals had entertained the vision for television.  Yes, it started with imagination and someone may have gained credit because they were the first to write about it in a science paper, the first to build a working model, the first to design a prototype for manufacturing, and even the first to place it in production.  Inventors and designers may hold patents.  Manufacturers put their name on the product.  If a retail store buys some inventory they own the merchandise.  If you go to the store and buy a new TV you will own the device.  When it wears out (all objects have entropy) the county landfill will gain ownership.

Creation or imagination is always the first step but a close second is the power to make assignments.  Giant step here, when you exercise that power of assignment you limit the target and start the clock of decay.  This is the human checks and balance system.  Imagination gives you the range, everything that you can be aware of now, to sort through and make a decision.  If too much data for only one range it will push you to threshold—deer in the head-light experience.  The human default is to make up a story and reduce the event to a “tall tale” to share and inspire reactions from others.  The objectified story about a large or complex image is a report; past, done and  fades your chance to create now.  You can assign that event as done without any action and use the story to justify.  If you create a model, same image but scaled down and internalized, you still hold all the wholeness of the data and you may make a quick decision and act.  Both are in fact assignments but the model allows for creation now, a decision and done, whereas the secured story places the event into an opportunity missed.  Illusions and timing are very important.  Remember, life is movement and balance.  A quick intuitive hit is a reaction to familiar and not a decision.  Attend longer to an event and allow for more detail to generate a model and then decide.  Remember, you only need to develop a model when the range of what you are aware of in an event is too large for one image.  The secret is that a representation for something large or complex (external) is secured internal at a location and kinesthetic.  Dreams are models of possible chaotic events and internal.