The passing of Alice Bandy

August 22nd, 2019

For all of you that remember the Order of The Ascended Rose I’m sure you remember Alice Bandy. She held title as Bishop and worked with the Preceptorial Training Program. She also taught many programs that she created and was active in The Church of Religious Science. This Wednesday she passed after a few years dealing with cancer. Very sorry to lose an old friend and fellow teacher.


Sneaky Change

July 31st, 2019

We dined with some visiting friends at a local Chinese restaurant that my wife and I have frequented over the last several years.  I placed the order for the group and requested rice bowls and chopsticks.  To my surprise, the present staff had no idea what rice bowls were.  The senior wait staff lady came to ask us if our intent was to eat like Chinese people with rice bowls and chopsticks.  I confirmed politely and she presented us with the requested implements.  I inquired and the staff were not American born Asians.  How wild; can you imagine a cultural change at that level?  I cannot.

Two days later I was chatting with a new Asian woman employee at my bank while waiting for a notary service.  I shared my Chinese restaurant story and asked if she had noticed any trend in eating differently in her home country.  She said that she graduated from college in Asia and came straight to America for a job.  In college she had not been around family or anyone that ate the traditional way.  Her facial expression did not indicate to me any surprise with the possibility of an eating style change.  What would it take to generate such a state of change even if just with young folks?  I don’t believe such a change has accorded in China, yet, but that is a profound example of the power in an evolutionary mandate.

Most of us talk about change, spiritual growth, high demand stress culture, complexity; but we seem to resist all this change or at best struggle with it perpetually.  I fully agree with the need for some type of “slap in the face” to wake us up and I’m willing to embrace such an experience.  However, the evolutionary mandate is sneaky and it undercuts our values (utility) to present a new path, habit or pattern, not for the same goals, but for newly presented goals that are not conscious  or supported yet (no story).  We got taken, again, by a system that must have a bigger database than Google.  But in truth we are awesome in our story telling, less awesome as a global citizen, only 40% human by DNA, fully indoctrinated in a family drama and a community or tribe.  The story of “I” is habitually the story of family and community with only a hand-full of unique twists mostly generated by random meta-patterns.  Our fingerprints, gut biome, DNA, an assortment of meta-patterns and a few story indexes may be all that produce the proud “me.”  In the last few thousand years most of us have bridged the gap from “me” to “us” as a tribe or community.  The gap from “us” to “them” is much larger and our next human goal.  We are one planet; one people with a mixed up batch of human stories, rules, ethics and politics.  We got this far from securing “no” and entertaining “we” as an extended and enriched identity.  Talk to your grandchildren and gain their views on all those characteristics, concepts and belief structures that you may still hold sacred.  Spend some time reflecting in meditation and see how many of these you may secure as “done” and extend your range.  Uniqueness is a resource to humankind that we don’t wish to lose.  Instead of killing folks for it we need to respect them for their distinctiveness.  And don’t forget that the evolutionary mandate will more than likely change the game and the goals; unnoticed.


Visit to the Muslim Sample

June 22nd, 2019

Northern Morocco and Western Turkey were both green and lush; both rich in agriculture with a few really big cities.  Southern Morocco, of course, is part of the Sahara Desert but surprisingly quite a lot of agriculture.  Both countries were littered with historical artifacts, more so in Turkey going back to 3,000 BC.  All this to Deborah’s delight for she loves history, flowers and open countryside.  I in turn prefer culture and food.  Not much can be said for the food except lots of fresh bread but the culture, the people and the religion were very interesting.  We had a great trip and lots of adventures.

I knew going in to abandon my foodie/health views so that was not an issue.  All the food was fresh and well prepared; just not food I would dine on at home.  I had three goals and we accomplished them and then some.  I studied with an old Dervish from Turkey for a few months in my late twenties but he was not a dancer.  I wished to see and did a group doing the Whirling Dervish ritual and they let us take some pictures.  Very powerful ceremony.  Second desire was to see how they carved an underground city in rock in Cappadocia.  Tons of ash from volcanoes filled the valley floor thousands of years ago with a thick heavy layer of rock on top.  The compressed ash is solid but you can carve into it even with wooden tools.  Amazing site to see and even better from the hot air balloon.  Hard to imagine people lived underground for over two hundred years to avoid religious persecution.   

 The third point was to look at the practice of the Muslim Religion.  I know from my studies that Muslim is a kind of Arab reformed Christian religion but I’d never seen it in practice outside of a few Mosques that I have been to in the US.  Both countries were 99% Muslim but different levels of devotion.  Morocco was definitely steeped in the traditional meme.  When they got their freedom as a country in 1956 they selected by popular vote a Kingdom for their form of government and their form of Muslim Religion is the most liberal.  Women do not wear veils, they get the same free government sponsored education as men, get the same opportunities for jobs and the same pay and rights.  This country is open to all religions and you see traveling many different types of churches.  In the cities the people are more laissez faire about religious practice; they have liquor stores, they party and show respect for women and non-Muslims.  The villagers are far more traditional and often decline their free education after primary school to develop agricultural skills, sheep and goat tending and start having children early.  Lots of organizations have started up all over the country designed to implement change and improve life opportunities for these village people.

Turkey is more in the Modern Meme, more industry, more population and only 4% attend daily prayer at the Mosques.  I believe that both countries present the statistic that they are 99% Muslim because Religion and Government are not separated.  Government builds the Mosques, pays the Emmons (priests) and controls the content.  One level of corruption that we have avoided in the US so far.         

The art of change

May 1st, 2019

 A demand might express some urgency, but it always asserts authority.  Difficult to say no to a demand from someone or something.  A request is a friendlier social structure that acknowledges your options.  The person or thing making the demand assumes this authority but that is not necessarily an absolute.  Imagine that you have the authority when you hear or see a demand to convert that language structure to a request.  Can you see how that would level the playing field?  Of course, there are always consequences to action—both with response to demands as well as requests.  But if you are making the choice you can apply your wisdom to pick an option to minimize those consequences.  That option is not available with a demand.  In a world without an absolute, a world with some form of free will, you may always alter the perception of a demand to a request in your internal dialog and act accordingly.  Most folks report that exercising this simple technique increases their sense of personal power and reduces the number of demands normally leveled on them in the past.   

As an added incentive there is a phenomenon called “death picture” that is an imagined image of a worst case scenario for a consequence that is not defined or clear from a demand.  This affects young minds and regular folks under stress (bank robbery, plane crash, earthquake, etc,).  I have treated a lot of folks over the years for fear from this type of illusion and it is not easy to break this bond.  We humans are naturally programmed to consider negative outcomes more than positive.

But the cultural mandates are a demand, unconscious and very persuasive.  Even though our conscious actions may have generated these levels of change, the nature of its influence is that of a demand to change and not a request to consider a change.  In the past these changes occurred over many years, unnoticed by most except for occasional comments like “the young folks today”, etc.  The nature of complexity, constantly adding more elements each epoch, builds both increasing options to attend in decision-making and faster turnaround time for the epochs.  The intensity of today’s situation may not be passively ignored.  These frequently called memes are a special case for demands.  Robert Kegan, in his book The Evolving Self, termed these mandates “evolutionary truces.”  They, by design, offer options that we have not yet developed the cogitation to support or define.  As a truce, they are an offer to consider a change in how we would normally operate while we develop understanding  for the value or wisdom hidden within.  Remember, humans tend to weigh negative outcomes more than positive and our inductive reasoning or intuition is always on and usually focused on familiar—action learned from our past and not alert to new unknown scenarios.  To anchor into past and polarize with old outdated concepts is resistance to evolution.  This action produces violence and disconnects what we witness in our news today.  I invite you to be conscious, get present now and attend to the decisions you are being guided to make.  The human race is in a state of change.  Wise to be part of the solution and not the problem.  Being an object, a “thing” from the past, will increase entropy.  Wise to attend to change!


Long Range Plans have Steps

April 1st, 2019

In my youth I was fascinated by circuits or patterns and the distribution of energy.  After three years of college in Electronic Engineering I resolved that this field was too abstract and structured for my tastes.  Of course, it was engineering and all this before computers.  I changed my major to psychology and discovered the movement of energy in human patterns to find and support meaning.  I applied this formal education in psychology to the business world with employee training, marketing and sales.  The influx of changes in business and related technology produced more questions than answers.  I continued to keep abreast of the new concepts evolving in psychology and was eager to apply them.  As a side-line, I opened a center in Southern California to support the discovery and development of human potential and re-framed those new concepts into formats that could be marketed as classes and seminars at the center.  This research was great fun and proved beneficial for the students enrolled.  Outcomes arrived not from understanding advanced concepts but from testing and integrating.  The resulting life demonstrations secured the process.

The center defined two pressing issues within its sample population at that time.  The evolutionary mandate was speeding up and creating chaos with two memes active and a third initiating.  We introduced a three year program of study aimed at maturing past the dichotomies and absolutisms of the Traditional meme.  And the second apparent need was the growing competition and frustration between modern medicine and alternative healing.  We created a one year program of training; pairing professionals with alternative healing styles alternating each week.  The goals were to improve relationships and understanding with the professionals; to define the scope and need for alternative techniques; and to add structure and documentation to this proposed system.  At this time we initiated a sample long-term group project exploring the concept of changing states of mind or states of being by employing new long range routines.  Being lean and healthy as a defining statement about you would come from such a change in the habit of being you if you were once overweight (and possibly ill).      

A group formed to lose body weight and the plan was to secure healthier levels as a normal state for each of them.  My personal goal was to lose 48 pounds over the next 10 years and reduce my BMI to 25; both as a normal everyday standard for me.  Everyone had different goals, of course, and very few went the distance.  The plan was not to do anything special except diet one month a year to show the body (the unconscious) a demonstration of the goal.  Most of the time we just put some or all the weight back on during the year but over time the remaining participants did update their norm to (or close to) their proclaimed goal.  Changing states of being was possible with a little structure or discipline and this research formed the foundation for the my newest program; the Wellness Code.


It is all a Relationship

March 1st, 2019

Our universe appears very big because we are moving slow.  The size of the universe is relative to speed.  Our slow speed is a product of the fact that we are made up of fat little particles.  May not be something you ever noticed.  What constitutes what we know?  For most folks “I know” means familiar with.  The job of family and education is to get you to the point where you know something; more may be better if nothing were to change.  It would have been wiser to get folks to build relationships with stuff and other folks (I think that was the original plan).  People forget that I know does not mean I’m right or that I can do anything.  A relationship makes the universe the size it appears to be and a group of egos a community of people.  My present blog theme is this conversation about change and culture but first it may be wise to review what I have noticed with individuals, creation and change over the last three-quarters of a century. 

A person gets inspired and starts to entertain the idea of doing something.  This attention evokes the energy into your body to do the task.  It is not those cookies you ate—many folks just get fat from cookies and never do any work.  Come on; you have seen people get enthused and jump into a project.  Your dreams and visions bring in energy to activate and sometimes, if it is not too grand, will carry you through to accomplish the project.  A good plan adds timing to big projects but otherwise all the energy for the entire vision flows in at one time.  With a small project you feel the influx of energy and think that you are now ready to do the work until done.  Your attention is the switch and the energy level a choice.

Long range visions require energy input to flow in steps.  Too much energy in your body at one time leads to a threshold and you shut down.  Perhaps why large projects have a higher failure rate and all that energy in one lump can make you ill, depressed or just lose interest.   

I believe we have all experienced “too much energy ” as well as “not enough energy.”  You get all psyched up to start a task and discover it has to be postponed.  Your body is full of energy and you pace, need to go workout or just get obnoxious.  The “I want it now” card or “I deserve it now” promotes large energy dumps.  If you “out of habit” fully identify yourself with any projects that you are willing to attend to and ignore or put off everything else, the process is personal and again this may make you ill, depressed or just lose interest.  The range here for a human might be from overachiever to failure.  Ouch!

The biggest project a human faces is alteration in their concept of self.  We learned our role from family and culture through the “I know game.”  That worked the first time but everything changes and faster now than in the past.  You will not “know” this time but you will start to feel out of sorts, nothing works like it used to and all the clues forward are confusing.  Change is just a big project and the energy to perform needs to be in steps over time.  Again, forget I know and go with I can imagine. This is possible because evolution also does this to us.  We never stop changing and we do it in steps.  I will provide you with a sample next month and we will start that conversation about cultural change.


Is change safe

February 7th, 2019

We do expect new research from all the sciences to generate change in the concepts promoted by them.  The human story is that experience has taught us to be cautious because the same researchers often counter, compete  and change their bearings.  Scientific facts and constants today are just most probable and outcomes are predictable ranges (no absolutes).  Let’s look at some examples other than the obvious gaps in technological sophistication where basic sensibilities deviate over time.

Bathing was very uncommon for folks in America and Europe up until the mid- nineteenth century.  Again, our shared story to justify was that baths and clean water were not available.  But in fact, the issue was not lack of plumbing but the prevailing idea that submerging the body in water was a distinctly unhealthy and even dangerous thing to do.  Clogging one’s pores with oil and dirt allegedly protected you from disease.  A body odor was a sign of a healthy hard working person.  The very rich and royalty might bother to take a bath once a month if they were a clean freak.

The virtues of washing oneself were not self-evident to our ancestors just a few generations past.  Social reform spurred this change in the nineteenth century and soap didn’t come into the picture until the twentieth century— endorsed commercially through advertising.  Today anti-bacterial hand cleaners are encouraged and presented as a free service at the entrance to many businesses.  And this prevails even though science and research tells us not to use the stuff.  We are such social creatures that often norms force choice over wisdom.

Johnathan Haidt, a current writer on today’s cultural changes, points out our human roots as tribal people.  Research also indicates that we all seem to have limits in our circle of influence—a number of personal interactive friends.  The people may change but the number is somewhat consistent.  And “safetyism” is a growing trend where our youth today don’t feel safe or are easily intimidated.  Being raised in front of a television with mostly abstracted communication via internet and phones with peers did not afford them the opportunity to secure an intuitive sense, from real interactive experiences of feeling safe.

In the past we have blamed intuition for producing a false sense of feeling safe. This learned sensation is based on action that occurred in a past similar event.  But no two events are ever exactly the same and less so today as change quickens.  I advocate the wisdom of living life out of trance more of the time; be present for the experience of life and make decisions.  A sense of power is derived from making decisions and not being right.  And yes, we have to deal with the consequences of those decisions, conscious or not.


Space to speed

January 30th, 2019

I have always been passionate about the prospective of building things.  As a young boy I entertained building forts, houses and occasionally small castles.  Assembling forts taught me that knowledge and experience with structure was just as important as imagination; perhaps more so if the fort is to remain standing.  I did better later with houses and never got around to those castles.  At first the idea that you could only do a task a certain way with any real success felt like a huge limitation.  Soon I learned to cheat (imagine it differently) and with lots of practice generated successful outcomes.  I learned two things in that long trial and error period: intuition was not always right and you could often circumvent or improve on current rules of structure.

It’s a good thing that Aristotle was a philosopher and not a contractor.  His ideas about the universe were very intuitive but not correct.  For him space and time were absolutes.  Today the philosophical views and science have changed and perhaps cheated on a lot of those old intuitive constructs.  Welcome to the “no absolute” world but we still appear to have lots of rules and structure.  Is this appearance just a product of intuition not catching up?  In 1905 the structure started its move towards relativity (Einstein) and away from absolutism.  But is not the speed of light a constant (Maxwell)?  If we take a close look at this limit, which marks the maximum speed of a wave (magnetic, electrical, light, etc.) in the universe and step out of the intuitive concept of speed, like speed limits for vehicles, we discover a bigger concept.  As we approach this limit in movement the universe gets smaller.  We run out of space and not speed.  A car that could drive 120 MPH cannot move at all in a closed garage.  Speed and space are relative and mass a contributing factor to speed.  Very counter-intuitive now but intuition matures slowly and will catch up over time as a bio-product of the evolutionary mandate guidance.  

As an example, look at the rule E=mc2 where E is the energy, m is mass and c is that fun little speed limit that is in reality a space limit.  Time to tune up your intuition with a party.  You are invited, along with a few mutual friends, to a wine drinking event by my backyard fire pit.  I will carefully weigh all the firewood and put a protective screen over the fire to salvage all the ash.  We chat, drink lots of wine and stay warm by the fire until it expires.  Later, when my head feels better,  I may weigh all the ash and determine exactly how much mass was spent to sustain the fire.  It will be a very small amount but we can figure the mass consumed.  All the heat and light went everywhere imaginable.  But everywhere imaginable is a just a space, filled with the heat and light waves and defined by the parameter c times c or c2.  This is a very logical and intuitive idea because you were in that space and you felt the heat and witnessed the light.  It is all relative but well defined.  Grandpa would have never understood this concept.  A statement of evolution.


Magic Becoming

December 25th, 2018

Many thousands of years past all of humanity lived in the age of magic.  Like all the various evolutionary stages, each are now relegated to a period of time during child development.  The type of magic that I have been exploring in this last series of blogs is “indefinable phenomena attached to a statement of will.”  Those awesome moments when we think about or attend to an issue and it resolves in some unpredictable way.  At day’s end you are thinking about food and come upon strangers that invite you to their feast—how delicious.  However, in the epoch of magic “will” was also developing and if the stranger’s will was stronger you could be the feast.  In another form of magic we could discover amazing facts that lack any will but are still unknown and unpredictable.  For example, whoever guessed that a crocodile can outrun a human without ever witnessing the event or being in a chase?  If chased and you survive that would also be a type of magic.  The internal range for magic is from the feeling of fear to delight.  Don’t small children respond to stimulus somewhere between apprehension and enthusiasm?

Since the beginning of mankind the evolutionary force (this driving push from guidance toward greater human potential and the mandate for more complexity) has tended to swing between extremes.  Everything in life has a range and a sense of balance or center point.  One end of this perpetual oscillation is depictive of humans relating to the awe of life and the other is competition.  Educated wise men in their lifetime have succumbed to the pursuit for love of God or just another human and passionate folks lost in the battle for proper structure or adhering to the rules flawed.  The difference is reliant on timing.  Being the person in that perfect location at the perfect time.  But life is never perfect and humans are designed with a metabolic rhythm and no real sense of this tumbling to change.  This is what I call a game.  Fun!

Over the centuries this pendulum swing has progressively become shorter and faster.  In the last century the majority of Americans have swayed their pursuits to the competitive side focused on the best demonstration of productivity, irrelevant of the cost to fellow humans.  But the grand aspect of an imperfect system is there are no absolutes; in this same time great strides have been made in equality for woman and minorities, longer life although not necessarily healthier yet and a flourishing relationship with artificial intelligence.  We amassed profit, data and technology beyond anyone’s vision.  All of these advances should prove useful as the swing moves toward attention to human development and within this version of this evolutionary step, perhaps global human balance.  How this will unfold may not be more charity, world aid or another version of “Peace Corps.”  For a time I will blog about this level of humans “becoming” and what my thought are.  All comments and views from you are appreciated.  Let’s journey forward from the problems and lack of awareness demonstrated today and imagine a different tomorrow.  A return not to the stage of magic but the spirit of magic–the unknown.  


Careful for bumps

November 30th, 2018

Did you know that you may cool water, in a very smooth container, to below freezing and not have it freeze?  Careful not to bump it.  You may also heat water in a very smooth container and not have it boil at the temperature that it should.  You may have read about this danger with microwaves.  I could see into an open cup of water I was using to prepare tea and the water should have been boiling according to the time I set.  I tapped the microwave and watched the water blow out of the cup—now boiling.  I guess super magic because this is super-cooling and super-heating.  It takes a nucleation point to change the state in a liquid.  Fancy word for a shake or a bump. 

Some thoughts may not be a part of the nucleation theory but since we are just creating (imagining) we might play with them as a metaphor.  Most of our fantasies and a lot of our plans are what psychics call “perfect pictures”—no vision of a hitch or disruption in the plan.  But the best of plans get you to a starting point and headed in the appropriate direction.  Not only is life too complex to plan for all variables; arriving at a goal is the act of becoming and not a simple journey from a point to a point.  When a point moves in a direction it creates a line, a line is a meta-pattern for a point.  A point after movement grows up to become the end of a line.  Humans never stop becoming but physically growing up appears to trade-off for physically growing older.  Research reveals that most of a human’s detail memory is for those years of transition from that end point of physical growth.  The only exception seems to be tragic moments in life that generate big change; perhaps a kind of nucleation point to activate or at least mark the change.      

Our intuition will compare a perceived upcoming event with past similar events and provide a quick reference on how to handle this next event safely.  Because life is habitual this works a lot of the time and you can’t turn this nagging assist off.  No two events are identically the same, similar is the benchmark, and this does not allow for an unknown potential for change in your life incited by an event.  If you allocate time and attend to all the details of the past event—what parts worked well and what parts didn’t—you build a larger range or more detailed database and that permits for a wiser decision with the “now less similar” event upcoming.  I have postponed upcoming events in the past just for time to re-examine past references to find insight for appropriate action.  We don’t always have this luxury  to reschedule and none of this is beneficial for unknown potential.  I can see the merit for an upset and even a crisis to buy time for more attention or seed the vision for an unknown potential.  If you can imagine the value of an upset, can you imagine tolerating a small bump for guidance and not becoming a “victim” to this change in direction as a failure, trauma or illness?  Life is the act of becoming.