Part 2 of Assignments, Stories & Models

May 25th, 2018

This present series of blogs is about magic.  I’m simply defining magic as creation at will.  Creation being the act of imagination and will be the act of intention.  To have intention you need someone to attend and some attention.  If you are conscious, present here now, and attending to anything, it may take a little time, but you can imagine it different.  This is the fun part.  Our ability to be conscious is limited and distraction is immense.   We may zoom in on what we are attending to and gain discernment but lose range.  We may zoom out and gain a larger range but lose all the details.  And with limited consciousness the expanse of range has limitation.  Some of the distractions are very important, some cautions and others opportunities to entertain.  But life is movement and balance and said movement produces the concept of time.  Somewhere in your vast unconscious are unique meta patterns for you that tune in how long (time), how much (size), how to sort (preference), and a few others.  Is it becoming obvious that control is also an illusion?  We start to label, by sharing or assigning, everything that catches our attention.  We created a digital symbolic system, language, to represent and share this database and we have an automatic (unconscious) program that will search and reveal data.  The default for this search engine that is always working (intuition) is familiar.  Variation in standards for searching for data may be assigned to different definitions or roles for the same individual and we title this states.  Artists, craftsmen, professionals are all proof that this default may be expanded but over time it condenses and alters data to conserve space and energy.  Yes, the assigned name makes the data an object which then has entropy and decays.  Those unconscious meta markers change in how they perceive value also over time and this influence is called memes.  Nothing is spared change, which is why I state life is about movement.  Essential to movement is balance and essential to balance is a relationship with ambient.  We are social by design, do set-ups in steps (may be unconscious) to accomplish an improvement in our relationship to our perception of value and accept most shared assignments to expedite this process.

The shared assignments in this illusion produce a relationship that we call reality.  With all the space around the unique point we allude to as self secured in titles or structure, we may begin to explore the interiority of that point of self.  How long did it take us humans, or better, how much movement did it take to arrive?  Being here now and looking inside is called trust.  Most humans are still in movement with anger, confusion, frustration and every other version of misdirected energy we call illness.  We have used that created tool of language to generate stories about all the above and they help some.  If you can generate an image, an exact but size-reduced model of the whole vision above and entertain it within a range of attention, with this trust, you could say you understand.  Life is simple—one image and lots of movement.



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