Point of Balance

September 1st, 2021

So we have done a good job and now we all move up a step into the unknown.  Relationship is still essential to balance and our first task is to develop a new way to communicate and find our voice in a global world.  Remember the logical system operates with attention, questions and decisions.  Your old tribe members may not be with the program yet but everyone is influenced by the evolutionary mandate.  Pay attention, you are looking for hints or clues, and ask those familiar folks lots of questions.  Not a time to debate but to gather information.  Again, a reaction is not a decision but if a reaction commandeers your attention the energy will flow and you will travel a fruitless path.  Recall, you create the energy flow by attending to a plan as a course of action.  You create your emotions.  Your newly afforded alone time is for contemplation and development.  Not abandonment but an offer of quiet time to create a plan of growth and test the concept for you.  Perhaps not fun but practice and do your research.

Life in form is about movement and balance.  To start life we learn from our family and culture and secure into that habit as action.  Either boredom or potential eventually inspires us to tackle an unfamiliar terrain.  Adventures can be fun but for most this step feels more like a push, necessary or required.  The secret we have been teaching for years is to find the balance point between what you feel secured as you (I know what I can do) and the potential for you that you are exploring (I don’t know if I can do this).  You will never know until you move, but to maintain that state of balance increase with your attention the idea that “you can” to a small percentage past the concept that you have no idea what to do.  We used to title that as confidence, later as certainty and now as arrogance.  Act as if you were 51% or a little less arrogant but greater than 50%.  Don’t get intimidated by the word—arrogance is not proof that someone can do a task, only that they believe they can.  A journey always starts with the first step and your story is how you process that step.  Make up a story to launch yourself; get it.

Amy Chua (author of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother) and Jed Rubenfeld have written a great little book titled The Triple Package.  They argue that superiority and insecurity along with impulse control are the keys to success.  America has long provided this platform and is its historical key to past success.  Today this still drives upward mobility for immigrants to the US from most countries in the world but traditional Americans have lost that fragile balance point needed to implement.  We  Americans still hold sacred the idea of superiority (arrogance) but have long lost the balance point with insecurity—any impulse control is only a weak memory.

I hear lots of folks say “I deserve it.”  You can create, you can imagine and you can make something happen but it all ends in death.  Is that not a clue to what you deserve?


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