Post-modern inspiration

February 28th, 2018

Have you heard folks say that kids today seem to be born with a computer “instinct”?  Yes, proud parents of every generation relate how unbelievably smart their children are.  Testing doesn’t support claims for being more academically or IQ level advanced and “smarter” feels more like they just get life demands today a little easier.  That all goes south in the early teens when those once smart children are now out or in searching for meaning and value.  True magic when we can hope (will) that our children get the essentials of life quicker than we did and “poof” they do—when young.  Today, thirteen plus years later even the enlightened model you wished for them is now outdated and the transformation model to becoming a young adult is antiquated.

In the traditional human paradigm, elders who over time mastered the traditional model became mentors for the young adults to guide in searching out meaning and value for them to create a life separate from family but still of the culture.  We can still read books (perhaps now fiction) about the old traditional magic and wisdom of alchemists and wizards.  This old magic still produces profound results for neophytes in any space void of present-time complexity.  It all worked great until it didn’t—welcome to the modern paradigm.  The new rule is “better, faster, more efficient, and complex.”  The old traditional ways became “stupid, useless or just outdated.”  As Telhard de Chardin stated in his law of complexity; “Increasing complexity of form is correlated with increasing interior consciousness.”  That means we needed to make the external structure (all those symbols outside of you) complex to spawn attention internal to develop internal consciousness (levels, gradients, scales, discernments that are authentic for a developing self).  This will all work itself out in a few hundred years and I can’t begin to imagine what the content of  a conversation would be in 2200.  If I can’t imagine it I therefore have no statement of will to effect, less yet create that outcome.

Magic was never about knowing; it only requires imagination and will.  Imagination is a range and, like all ranges, supported, developed and expanded by discovery and attention.  Read a book by a post-modern author, volunteer some time with a youth group, have endless conversations with friends about new ideas and values today, and most important, be present in each of these processes.  Building range I believe is the first step to discover what sits just outside the edge of your present-time human range.  We humans are great magicians and what we all need is inspiration to imagine.  I think the greatest need for a better imagined outcome for humans today is in wellness.  My last year’s webinar was about building range and securing it.  This year I will do another webinar on wellness and how to secure that state of being.  Watch for the inspiration this May.


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