Potential For You is a Range

December 6th, 2022

For a human, preconception would be the one chance to experience the largest perspective range for a self ever.  Bringing a creation into structured form necessitates a lot of movement conforming to developing patterns.  I would assume it is a very “noisy” environment for a brain (a network of budding capacity) embracing a limited range of potential as self-coming into configuration.  Here the relationship to the concept labeled “no” would define as “not that way”—a consequence of directions.  Culture via traditional family have taught the meaning of no as “you may not.”  Perhaps not the first demand an aspiring human might encounter.  The fact is that for all life forms death is a demand.  Movement in balance is what we consider as time (speed of movement).  The “time” between the endpoints in the game are marked by value, accomplishments in balance and not perfection or volume.  I’m suggesting balance is realized by converting demands to requests—a position where a human could activate a choice as “not that way.”

As a fun comparison look at an electron, one of our smallest demonstrations of form that we know of.  As energy it moves at the “speed of light” which means it will never age, or perhaps even die.  It does blink in and out of form to support the structure of an atom similar to everything with form—for a time.  Obviously, it has value as one of the building blocks of all structure in form; and perhaps a usefully source of energy.  A very interesting game that we are engaged in.

An electron may experience some state of uncertainty as it vacillates between energy and form but I’m not sure how we could measure that.  History reveals that we humans most certainly do.  I have suggested and have promoted embracing a larger range to counter the uncertain times we humans are now facing these past few years in my blogs and teachings.  Imagine an analogy with being lost in the woods.  Finding high ground and gaining a view of the terrain may help you navigate to safety. 

However, range may provide information but alone it will not generate balance in movement.  Next year my blogs will start to promote elements of attention and questions from the logical system of life.  By attending to the information and asking questions you develop a mapping for navigating and that will be our next step toward life as a balanced happening.  I know we have visited both “attention” and “questions” many times over the years but this round will focus on teaming the elements to obtain balance. 

To mark this present season, end of a cycle, I suggest you connect to friends and family.  Share your insights learned from exploring ranges to help reduce the polarization that birthed from the uncertainty.  Health is atoned to balance and we all need to revisit that reference and update it from our gain in range.  A blessing is a suggestion to find balance.


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