Psychic Reading Skill

October 28th, 2018

After nearly twenty years playing with my “psychic reading” skills I became very confident and effective.  Had lots of questions and there were a plethora of folks with answers but most answers failed to ring true in my experience.  I rekindled  my novice “reading space” and joined the Berkeley Psychic Institute.  They don’t accept “professional psychics” so I had to drop that stance.  The cool part is that I  used my professional counseling money to pay the tuition.  BPI had more rules than answers but I soon learned that the structure was what I really needed.  An artist needs structure to produce their art form—the theme and expression are subjective and the same with counseling.  It was fun and very demanding with plenty of group political dynamics.

When the founder transitioned, BPI faded and diminished to its present reduced size.  A lot of the old BPI students did what I did, started their own training centers.  I formed the “Order of the Ascended Rose” in San Diego County and operated that for over fourteen years.  It was also fun; less rules but same structure framed as guidelines and also plenty of group political dynamics (human drama).  I closed that center and retired to Washington state where my wife and I now live.  If I can be of service for any questions you might have on “intuition” or “psychic readings” please e-mail me (

Some of my friends and former students came to visit for a week to explore a few advanced reading techniques.  They now “read” at a professional counseling service in the San Diego area but plan on opening their own service in the near future.  Below is a story about “reading screens” and a sample discussion on that concept.   We also produced two “YouTube” videos on intuition while they were here and the links are listed.

Because of the challenge I had getting meaningful answers when I was a professional counselor I always left the door open for questions from other professionals.  One such reader had an issue with her “reading screen”—double vision.  She had one image overlaid on the identical image below it.  Turns out that when she started she went to a training center to learn and they instructed her to create a screen (like a movie screen) which she did.  The subconscious in humans is all patterns and in a sort of state of balance with dialectic forces.  When a person attends to a pattern or imagines a change the pattern goes into  chaos which makes all or some of it conscious.  The person then has a question that they can’t make a decision on which is why they go to counseling.  A good counselor will fill in the missing data or explain the conflicting terms.  Informed, the person may thus make a decision and create a story (map) to move forward in life.  These patterns are subjective ideas (potentials) and need to be converted into the objective world of language to define their potential.  Imagined ideas are subjective; they don’t have a form or a location.  The “reading screen” is an assigned location and not a thing.  All that is needed to transform the patterns into something with a potential somewhere is a gateway into our objectified world.  You may decorate that gateway as much as you like but two will cause an issue.  We just destroyed her extra screen—problem solved.  Links to intuition chats:


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