Range not Chaos

April 1st, 2022

If scientific research is correct our conscious processing is limited to 7 +/- two bits of information and yet a normal mind processes 120 bits (unconscious) and the retina reports on 11 million bits.  I could continue with this account but I think it is clear that we humans only have conscious ability to select a pattern or learned skill and hopefully adapt it on the fly to address the ever-changing dynamics of life.  Add to this the evolutionary process of dividing each bit into smaller and dissimilar elements and the solution left is to abandon ranges of patterns and narrow attention to only ranges essential for life.  Yes, this feels like a threat and it often plays out that way.  Abandoning accuracy and diversity does increase the probability for errors, not from indecision, but from the limitations of considered variables.  The human states that this produces is that of polarization.     

For a present day example, note that in 1960 surveys indicated that 5 percent of Republicans and 4 percent of Democrats said they would prefer that their children marry someone with a similar party preference.  By 2010 the groups preference grew to 50% for Republicans and 33% for Democrats.  What happened to love, respect, value, virtue and strong work ethic?  Do you see how the ranges have collapsed to reduce consideration once held in value?  To offset this system breakdown we all need to begin building back ranges to secure and increase future potential and survival.

I know, I have already tasked you with introducing new ranges to play in with the goal of securing a state of your being within the context of each of those ranges.  The fact is that less than three percent of folks will alter an established range landscape even when their life depends on doing so.  This is not because they agonized over the possible range structure for years but they were simply enticed into a range and repetition did all the rest.  A story to justify and a habit to anchor with a large pinch of time is all it takes and very difficult to unwind.

Out of college I loved back country camping and running.  Children came along and I switched to car camping and biking.  They grew up and I became a foodie and trail hiker.  I have lots of camping gear, an old pair of running shoes, a few bikes and tons of recipes and trail maps in my garage.  Today I take shorter hikes, read a lot of books, cook a variety of foods and sample whiskeys.  At this point in life healthy choices and health insurance opt for my range attention.  What I like to think of as “wisdom” directs me to blogging and teaching.  Not me as wise but wise for me.  I prefer being married and spending time with friends.  Both I rotated through frequently in life but now I’m attempting to stabilize them as worth the three percent challenge.  This is all about you and not me but we old folks can be a model.  Build those ranges and create playgrounds for you to mature.


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