Source of Power

March 1st, 2021

We began this year with a vision, something imagined as possible for you in this time of change.  We bridged from one operating system to another by attending to this vision, asking questions (research and meditation) and compiling preferences to decide which path to explore.  Now all we need is the energy or power to drive this venture.

It is difficult to comprehend where power comes from but we know it would require balance and movement to generate it (think power generator).  Imagine the difference between an observer and a participant.  An observer asks the question “what just happened?” and they build a story to explain or define as best they recall.  Do you get how this is part of the creation system?  Research with court testimonies confirm that the average witness makes a lot of assumptions.  A participant asks the question “what can I do?” or “what did I do?” and searches their memory for facts and often discovers gaps (unconscious).  And yes, this is all part of the logical system where we settle for nothing but logical facts.  A fact may be an associated truth or a relative truth but not an absolute truth.  The switch from the creation system to the logical system produces the power.  Should I repeat that statement?  Movement back and forth between the two systems generates power.  It is from the movement created by the nature of relationships.  The creation system creates the logical system when you bridge from imagination to logical steps (i.e., questions, attention, decisions).  And when faced with questions lacking answers or an absence of attention we bridge back to the creation system to imagine a solution.  The creation system is simply a state of being possible without supporting demonstration and the logical system supplies a temporary structure as a demonstration that represents the imagined potential but only if the structure can stand the test of balance.

Your imagined potential is powered by the relationship of all potential that created the logical system to house demonstration.  No problem except in a deterministic chaos venture (defining a state of balance) no paths may cross and this logical fact dictates how much change you will experience to fulfill your new state of being you.  The other interesting fact of the logical system is that with each paradigm change the network of potential paths increases making mapping way more intricate.  In fact, before the move last century into modernity this network had been consistent so long that is was called tradition and considered an absolute truth.  

Your vision for proposed change is an influence that will emerge in story and action anywhere within the range of a slight modification of past elements in your life to the elimination of all past elements resulting in a convention that barely resembles any of the interacting elements.  This result we call a practice to convert the habit of your being.


Below is the link to a short chat produced in association to the March blog:

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