Stepping up to Relate

September 13th, 2019

I’m going to continue our conversation from last month in this blog because I don’t wish for you to get the idea that assignments are simple or just a cool trick.  You could research on line or talk to friends to find the highest rated local person to do a specific job for you and have the work turn out a flop.  You could make a request to an empty space, a guide, an angel or your dead aunt to find you a unicorn and grow very old waiting for that vision to materialize.  We live in a Universe embracing two systems; balance in form with structure from logic builds the stuff and the “empty space” which is full of energy registered as emotion and imagination that defines possible.  For example, it is possible for you to fly but your structure requires that you utilize an airplane for that endeavor.  Lots of folks in history had the imagination to fly, had the energy or passion to pursue the idea, held sacred a vision and plan but the structure was not yet in place.  It did not go well for them.  We need to take a closer look at the details.

I was a ski instructor for a time and it was great fun guiding blind athletes down the slopes or teaching amputees to ski.  I have heard of a blind guy that climbs mountains and others that ascend the rocks from wheelchairs.  Possible has a wide range but they all face limitations in structure.  Structure is a look at “how to” and there is obviously some wiggle room.  It may be a matter of learning, getting fit for the task or building a better plan.  But being a human is not a perfect event.  Prepared we still encounter questions, levels of “burn-out” and plans that fall short.  Some of the creative innovation and energy from potential will assist but you have to keep an eye on the balance.  It is the relationship, like most things with humans, that makes it work.  The empty energy space is the realization of you becoming.  We all understand; you need to stop being the person defined as you and become the person living the potential now.

I recall meeting a young man years ago that came to a Karate Class that I was teaching.  On break I approached him about an interest in lessons.  He told me he was interested but did not have the stamina and was only watching friends work-out.  He reported having brain cancer and only had around six months to live.  I inquired of this 18 year old as to what his biggest dream was.  He said he wanted to play guitar and was taking lessons from a friend but didn’t have the funds to buy his own.  Funny, I had just purchased a used guitar at a great price and had it in my car.  I not only loaned him the guitar but promised to host his debut as a guitar player in four months at my Karate studio.  The story went out and on the appointed date we filled the house for his performance.  To my surprise, he played song after song for over an hour and sounded great.  Not a virtuoso but we both fulfilled our assignments.  He passed three weeks later.  My class roster grew but in less than a year I moved out of the area and stopped teaching Karate.  I never had the heart to approach his family and get my guitar back.  Future became something different for both of us.


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