The Bridges

June 9th, 2020

When a human experiences an event their observation is that of a witness but they usually report and process (secure as true) the event as first person incident.  If the event reported is all about them and all other participants are excluded they suffer from narcissism, a form of mental illness.  If they are not personally included in their report they have a disassociation and the meta-pattern is called “other” or “selfless.”  Such folks are often not acknowledged for their work or accomplishments.  Literally, your story creates the concept of you as a self.  Your body is part of structure and may be supported by other formations (sun, air, food, water) but the story you report is a creation from energy as imagination.  We are birthed into form by the energy of creation and quickly adapt to the sub-system of logic that holds the patterns for all configurations. 

However, all structure is subject to entropy, the force of the creative system to reduce everything to a neutral balance.  To be both imagined and have form we need to be in attendance to both systems.  The creative system is nothing but energy with no form, time or dimensions.  It may imagine all potential with infinite range and all notions in relationship to the whole of creation in perfect balance.  But it produces no form or output because it equally produces the lack of all potential.  The good news, a concept by Plato, is that a potential for creation is to divide total potential into grids and thus create the logical system where we inherit our form.  The bridges or gateways to the creative system are Balance, Range and Relationship.

The logical system is an opportunity for energy to move and experience bias, although by design always short-lived and dividing into more parts—entropy and evolution.  All structure is in movement along paths or patterns through several dimensions.  At the cosmic speed limit (speed of light) there would be no encounter with movement or time.  The bias (concept of self) allows us to make decisions, attend to whatever “we” choose and to make inquires to improve the decision making.  The bridges or gateways to the logical system are Decisions, Attention and Questions.

For an example say we attended to time or stomach and perceived food was in order.  You could decide what you preferred but you might have to question if it was available and where.  You could up the game by a query as to what food would produce better balance in your body and life.  Or you could expand your range of dietary preference and seek out a novel food.  Such action might just improve your relationship with food, self and friends.  Bridges add imagination to the encounter and energy.  The counter-process may be more familiar.  Say you get an inspiration.  You need to attend to it for details and ask questions before you decide to launch the new idea.  Your inspiration will have to work in form, especially remembering that time is a dimension.


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