The Year is Done

December 30th, 2019

Language is assignments to symbols (to spaces in the grid) to create communication about  variables.  Within a culture we know the symbols the words represent.  This act allows us to encounter the world as something always already lived in, worked in, and acted upon.  That which is not obvious is made manifest  through language.   The world in our everyday dealing is a familiarity that pervades our situation and every possible utterance presupposes this fact.  

Habit or tradition are assignments that repeat until deleted.  This time of year, end of cycle, is all about being done with selected habits.  We don’t do well deleting conscious habit but remember, consciousness is only 7 plus or minus 2 bits.  These fragments are a challenge to drop because on some level we selected them to attend too.  The un-conscious habits that require deletion fade or entropy build momentum and life fades.  Remember, human life is all about  movement and balance with majority of adjustments being unconscious.  We humans do much better than random supporting life which indicates that we do engage change.  A good indicator of the existence of human will and preference for growth or change. 

I still see a propensity to believe that evolutionary change is personal growth from my counseling work.  Remember that evolutionary change is a mandate to embrace the change or suffer the consequences.  Convert that demand to a request and secure your health within this field of force.  If you have taken my Wellness Code Webinar, I recommend that you revisit it and I will continue to answer any e-mailed questions that arise.  The second time through produces greater results and if you have not taken this webinar, e-mail me to sign up.

I took a break this year to follow my own advice.  I have been attending to my continued health at seventy-five and investigating if any of the tools and techniques that I have used and taught all these years need updating.  My current blogs reflect some of this work with “assignments” and “becoming.”  Assignments is language and becoming is our relationship with creation—both concepts hold strong.  The force from the evolutionary mandate tend to intensify the average persons nature or state of being which we would expect.  The nature of demand is usually an increase in stress.  With the younger folks this increase in demand intimidates  their state of being  which shifts quickly from outrage to fear and then apathy.  I believe this is a product of the fading traditional influence—no one hammering  “respect” for God, Country and family regularly.  It will be interesting to see what manifests over time with the new levels of influence.


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