Two Systems

May 23rd, 2020

I can imagine some of the craziest things.  Ideas that would never work or fit into our world.  That loosely places me in a group of folks like fiction writers (science fiction, mystery, fantasy and near impossible action tales).  Are we not all story tellers spinning a web deemed our lives?  The potential for story plots is huge and that is the nature of the creative process.  I believe we humans are active in two systems.  The creative system produces no-things but supports the potential to imagine anything.  The logical system produces this very structured universe that we inhabit.  I know the universe looks huge from where we sit on a small planet somewhere at the edge of a flat galaxy but science tells us that 70 to 80 percent of what we are looking at is “dark matter or dark energy” that we can’t see into.  Our universe formed, perhaps, around this dark stuff and whatever else is out there that we lack the ability to perceive.  In fact we only have the ability to entertain stuff within a range defined by a scientist named Plank.

I like super-string theory with its eleven dimensions of which our conscious world exists in four.  Our energy source is in another dimension and made up of vibrating “strings” each of which may be tuned to create the various particles found in our universe.  That is a cool idea and these unbelievably small strings sit at the bottom of Plank’s range.  A constant in our universe is the cosmic speed limit discovered by Maxwell.  Think of this as if we had been moving too slow with a hope of catching up sometime.  At the cosmic speed limit, or speed of light, time is non-existent.  Our concept of time is really a report on how late we are for “now” but we can never go faster to catch up.  Scientists may be just as crazy as I am but in our universe their math is predictable, consistent and reliable—but only within these limits discovered by Plank and Maxwell.

The essence of humanity managed to emerge from the creative system with the vision of unlimited potential and land in this logical system that is bound in by endless rules and structure.  What a fun game! The good news is the logical system has to be a product of the creative system and thus there is always a creative way to influence the logical system.  This influence from all potential is eternally forcing the logical system to evolve into more pieces to supply the demand for more potential outcomes.  This is what we refer to as the evolutionary mandate.  A person steeped in the creative process is a dreamer; lots of ideas but no successful accomplishments.  Life in the logical world would be based on habitual living and conforming to the limits present now.  In a joint venture we might find creative folks that can imagine ways to create stuff and new boundaries within a structure.  The nature of such an integration would require bridges to weave the imagined into the known.  I know of a few bridges and next blog we will explore those avenues.  For now just notice your balance in the two systems.


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