Unconscious Patterns

July 1st, 2022

For those of you that have been following our blog sequence this year, you should by now have started to feel an increase in range.  Sometimes it feels like a larger margin around an image or a “thought.”  Others report noticing space around a topic that they need to make a decision about.  Imagine moving an image left or right and finding another choice hiding “off screen.”  I have had lots of reports from individuals that hit a wall finding jobs and others stuck with anxiety unable to move forward.  As range opened, they discovered jobs, new friends and a spark of confidence.  Improvements in health is the largest category reported and good news post pandemic.  Would love to hear about your process and I invite anyone that is not playing to get with it.  Life is a process that requires movement.

For some it feels impossible to initiate a new process without detailed steps, or to do anything unsupported by a friend or group.  For you we have created a simple series of seven classes that you can do with others.  No prior knowledge or special skills needed.    Everything in form is made from patterns.  If range is too large a challenge for you, we can work with the smaller unconscious chunks that build the range.  The knowledge base on these patterns is huge and published in many different formats.  We don’t need all that training and complexity for our simple task.  If an unconscious pattern is locked with past preferences that worked once-upon-a-time, it is normally a challenge to undo that past act of wisdom that is now outdated in our conscious world today.  But if a room is stuffy, you can open a window to circulate fresh air.  The same simplicity works for unconscious patterns.  Take one at a time, working with a friend’s attention on you to make the selected pattern conscious for a moment or two.  Yes, you will need to repeat this activity as frequently as possible over a week.  And if your partner is up for it, you may trade off back and forth with them.  In just fourteen weeks you will experience expansion in range and support for a friend.

Life is not easy and it begins with us totally dependent on others to maintain it.  Yes, thank you mom (or dad), with her attention and care we learn to trust and rely on patterns of care offered around her schedule.  But we all seem to have an independent nature that soon commences to show itself by defining “no.”  What psychology terms the “real self” is starting to form and is essential for a healthy adult.  The fact that by design we are mostly unconscious imposes criteria on what and how long we may fully attend to anything requiring a decision.  I believe this action supports the “demand” from the creation process for balance.  If we don’t develop the practice of conscious decision making, we are forever expressing self as a reaction to some unconscious influence.

How are life and relationships working for you?  How is your health?  I have been a counselor for over fifty years and have observed a lot of “speed bumps” in those unconscious patterns that hamper relationships and health.  I can remember when I trusted my instincts as when to take a raincoat with me upon leaving the house.  Now I leave one in my trunk because I have no clue what the weather will do.  When I began professionally, the work was all with relationships and trust—again, things have changed.  To develop into a global person, you are going to need more detachment from your “tribe.”   

We have started to break our bond with the external absolute (truth or one right way) and our views of gender and racism.  We got started but have a lot more work to do (decisions driving action).  Tribal leadership has always had to struggle to stay in power but now it seems the wise don’t wish to engage.  And health has long depended on those unconscious patterns to perform its task with all options in question at this point.  In another fifty years we may look back with amusement on these times but I don’t believe I will be there to join you.  However, I do remember folks installing “bomb shelters” in their front yard.  Do you get the power of the unconscious influence from fear driven patterns (reactions).  Let’s get busy, wise and healthy.


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