Value in Growth

November 1st, 2020

I have been teaching and counseling all my life.  Most folks describe this work as healing but the truth is a majority of the time they don’t fully heed the teaching or the counseling.  I have always accepted this as part of the human condition.  The “negative” influences in their lives are so strong that they can’t raise beyond them or fear to do so.  That is the nature of growth or change and I have learned to accept progress as profound and limited.  I’m human and I don’t always respond to my learned wisdom.  Our culture has moved with this current evolutionary influence to shake loose from the concept of one absolute correct solution for all human development.  I’m contemplating the idea that the folks who did grow from working with me found value or utility in doing so.  Most saw change as a task or a demand and way too much effort to tackle even when this fact was unconscious.  Healing was the wrong word,  wrong theme, and in fact, just a judgment.  Healing assumes there is an absolute state and that is not a truth today. 

I’m reframing my view and my language to propose value as a real utility in a person’s life.  I don’t care if they call it a healing but I will affirm with my words to propose the opportunity to gain value in their life by attending to the offer for growth or change.  This is not odd when you stop and think about how many folks don’t take the pills prescribed, or the correct amount by a treating physician.  Only with attention on the gain do we act with discipline and only for as long as we can maintain that attention.  Yes, attention is one of the bridges between phenomena and logic.  Real value in replacing the offer for another task to a chance for a miracle.  Less than three percent can pull off making a change in state as a logical step.  It is a miracle beyond that point.

I have taught a lot of students and a fair share of them are teachers today.  If you took classes from me or one of my staff I would be delighted to send you the “healing” six week class material in the new format.  If you are teaching I will, of course, send you the updated material and be happy to answer any of your questions about presentation.  Just e-mail for the update.

I’m retired and don’t teach basic classes (energy essentials, energy utility or energy communication) anymore but I still do talks in the states that will allow meetings and I have chats posted on YouTube at the “wizardscache” channel.  Send me a request and I will post a chat this winter on that channel to share.  Good communications support relationships and discourage polarization.  The future is ours, not mine or yours exclusively.  A blessing for you to find utility in this new global state of being.  An old mystic would remind you that 2020 is double judgment and 2021 is judgment and the world.  Now that is a fun old idea.


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