View of Creation

November 29th, 2019

The process of assignment that we have been chatting about is not a new idea or new technique.  As I mentioned in a former blog, Aristotle played with this concept and today your computer uses this same concept (F.A.T.—file allocation table) to store your files on your hard drive.  The act or power of creation could produce anything but what would an unlimited supply of one potential serve?  Our needs as unique members of the human group is to have available a uniquely different range of potential for each person.  The concept of an “imagined” grid dividing potential into unique segments could support this vision but the issue is what or who made those original assignments.  This leads to the idea of an absolute element initiating the process; the gods, a God or, perhaps a witness with no form.  I’m not attempting to step on any religious concepts that you may hold sacred but how do you balance the idea of freewill in a world with an absolute power as prime mandate?   

But creation is imagination and any steps to bring an imagined idea into form is an expression of form; logical steps, path, pattern or some kind of code.  Creation was before any form, not logical by design because it is imagined.  To get this just imagine anything assigned to an empty space that is also imagined and all in no time.  The logical you (idea of self) is a product of an imagined idea before time and imagined as limited to a location or box in a grid.  The concept of time starts when the pattern generates to produce an expression in form flowing from that imagined location.  Now you have a game and a world of logical thinking that is a byproduct of this creation.  Our human passion is to generate stories based on assumptions that are entertained as truth—how we convert creation to a process.  This process does not start from someone or something making that assignment but creation imagining limitation.  If creation is the potential for all possible now (no time) then limitation is a possible and that is the game of humankind.

Within this human adventure we have some limitations and need to deal with time but creatively expending ranges opens options for limitations and time.  A low stress life with good habits and lots of exercise buys most of us a break with the clock.  Assignment  yields an opportunity to circumvent some limitations within our unique pattern.  For example, we humans have a limitation on flying but we have created ways around that limitation.  Place an idea in a space or grid and request a path to your goal with that idea.  It will not give you a story (sorry) but it will map all potential paths for your idea to generate your goal.  Now download that data into “your space” or grid.  You may feel it filter out the paths not compatible with your set of limitations but it has all possible trails to your goal.  When it finds one or several the trial begins to test the results—you may just feel inspired.  Yes, this too consumes time but the clearer your concept of self is (number of assumptions you hold as true) and the wider your ranges of consciousness with you in the center of all, the faster the process will unfold.  Regular meditation, like good health habits, is wise.   


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