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July 1st, 2021

I have been doing the research (books, classes and videos) and answering your questions (thank you) on the wizardscache channel on YouTube.  I think the place for us humans to start being conscious about our development towards being global citizens is to look at our score card.  Over the last 200 years we have worked together more than ever in our history.  Not a shining example of cooperation but we have accomplished some amazing feats.  Yes, someone has been keeping records.  The access I like best to this data is with and the book Factfulness by Hans Rosling.  Free to check out their site and they’re not marketing you.  We have a tool secured in information (a form of relative truth) for expanding or adding ranges.

We all know first-hand that human change is not easy or fast to secure.  More range is very helpful if you can manage attention.  Of course, personal growth is all about making decisions as to which and how much you attend to a stimulus in each range that you have conscious access.  You may have taken some training from organizations like EST or BPI (there are plethora of such systems) and discovered that folks can “get in your space.”  Our human nature to defend which is counter to join.  Now here is the fun part.  What if you just gained conscious access to a range and discovered that you had relationships unconscious but active with influence in place?  Not a personal property, but a shared range or theme of ideas.  If you drove around your neighborhood this spring you may have discovered some new homes built over the winter.  Do you attend to the designs that you like the best or dislike the most?  Only a preference to note and not important because they are “now in your space.”

Mice are very social creatures but in a lab if you isolate one for a time and then introduce another mouse they will fight to the death.  Wise not to get into a lonely mouse’s “space.”  Mice might need some “spiritual” (potential theme-spirit of) classes but did that help us humans?  The act of creation would have all humans connected to produce unlimited potential.  A new range is just a new space and it may not be empty.  What influence do you as a human wish to present as you explore a new range of potential for you?  Did your empathy for another human deposit you into a range not formerly conscious to you and it was busy?  Can you see how this is similar to emotional reactions (not a decision) that some folks gain from social media comments?  Good thing we don’t allow mice to participate with our social media.

I like people and I’m inspired by all this personal and evolutionary change that we humans are experiencing now.  However, you cannot text me or find me on any social media platform.  Don’t take that personally, I just smell a rat.  I’m still learning to share this space called Earth.


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