What is Absolute

October 1st, 2020

I have had several requests to explain why I reference our present cultural (perhaps global) state of change as “no absolute.”  I’m not anti-religion and I don’t care what you believe in.  I would prefer you believe in your potential for change but that is my bias that I need to balance with the fact that an infinitesimal number of real people fully integrate change.  I also believe that nothing will happen until you take responsibility (take action over time).  We have a question of standards and where did they get created?  Someone made them up!  Do I need to affirm this statement?  I’m sorry, you need to affirm this fact like everything else that you believe works.  Are we clear here?  The speed of light, the power of gravity, the concept of calorific intake and its consequences are all fabricated based on the idea of what is the most probable.  The most probable is that you will die and you will fail with your vision for you.  I can’t work with this fact so I write blogs, teach techniques (that work sometimes—do you recall the words of Abraham Lincoln?), and counsel folks.  I do all of this to compel change for me.  I like you because I have a pattern labeled proximity and you play in my “sandbox”; are we good?

The above may feel harsh but it is not absolute.  An absolute is the benchmark and ultimate standard for everything.  Free will and autonomy are oxymoron’s in the wake of perfection.  Is wholeness all possibilities or just the one correct way?  Even though we may not agree I need to hear your counterview.  I may be right this time and most of the time but that is just a probability.  I cannot be of service in life to me or anyone else if in the most important moment my view falters.  The fact is that I have learned everything from my failures and still have a lot to learn.  I have no idea what your story of confidence is but I’ll bet you have made a mistake or two.  A mapmaker is always lost and never found or what use are they?  But a map is still not the territory.  What is the utility of life but to discover, have experience, make friends with a few special ones and be of service to the balance?

The evolutionary change is like zooming in one level on a computer map.  With each step you gain some information on screen and lose other labeling.  A map of California marks San Francisco as a dot but when you zoom way in you get streets, hotels, restaurants, etc. but lose sight of all the other cities in California.  Zoomed in may look more complex on screen but it is just different information.  For us humans each window is a different frame in consciousness; the information at that level that we may be able to process consciously as self and environment.  It feels like a change and it is with the task to discover value in each frame.  Each level of information provides a different perception but they all represent the environment within that you create the idea or concept of you in.  Evolutionary growth is more frames and more states of you needed to balance self as congruent across the levels.  No one absolute version can represent you in all those different environments.  Life is not photo-shop process of you onto a background but you creating a state of being in a different environment.


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