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January 1st, 2023

If you followed along with my blog progression last year you should now be in possession of an increase in ranges, and hopefully, they are dispersed over many topics or themes of interest.  Below is a bullet list of where you may have deposited and how you may have titled these ranges: 

  • the scope of a person’s knowledge or abilities
  • the extent of time covered by something such as a forecast
  • the area or extent covered by or included in something
  • a set of different things of the same general type
  • the distance within which something can be reached or perceived
  • vary or extend between specified limits
  • place or arrange in a row or rows or in a specified order or manner
  • run or extend in a line in a particular direction

Gazing over this list should offer some clues why after creating the concept of “you”, the next most important task is range—the potentials in space for the expression of self.  By design, we are influenced by family and culture; our first teachers and their efforts are often perceived as demands rather than offerings.  I recognize the temptation to blame our unskilled teachers but instead I believe the process of learning how to operate the body mass creates the feeling of demand.  You may be able to imagine a beautiful perfect rose but growing that rose in your backyard garden is not as simple.  Yes, operating the body in a healthy fashion (or unhealthy) feels like a demand until we mature a database for logical thinking in our developing brain.  At that point (or age) we deviate between the demand to know and the offer of potential.  Sadly, we are placed into an educational system that supports the concept of “I know” as the wiser choice and as a demand (graded as pass or fail).  I also believe that all those unconscious and subconscious patterns stored (directions in mapping and stories) can be rectified but we will reserve that process for a later exploration.

The important issue for this year is what do we do with the ranges.  The secret is to weave each year of training and exploration between the Phenomena System (creativity) and the Logical System (the world of form we inhabit).  I have done a lot of blogs and classes on the elements that help make up the logical system but this year we will combine two of the main elements to manage and direct our newly obtained ranges.  Attention offers an opportunity to unmask information that exists in form.  Remember from your days of demand to know (education); time is a product of mass in motion.  Combine this with questions about what you don’t yet know and the flow of information will open gateways for improving potential for your newly acquired ranges.  This is not a demand but a request for you to attend long enough (time) to notice clues for questions that will reveal a stream of potential—something you do not now know.  New game for 2023!


Link below for January 2023 YouTube lecture by Dr. Lemmon:

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