Value of Range

November 1st, 2022

Range is one of the aspects of the energy phenomena that creates the potential for life in our logical structured form.  The range for all potential (in a state of balance) could be divided into a range for each potential and probability amalgamated by a set of ranges defined as time.  The two influences would generate cycles, redundance and evolution in patterns (symbols) as they form into an expression of every possible potential.  A game or an adventure as long as the energy state is in balance. 

Of course, life in our universe; all patterns, forms, knowledge and languages are logical structures.  We can make metaphors for non-logical concepts but never fully integrate the information into our logical database.  In fact, humankind (and to some degree all animals) utilize stories, reflections and empathy to generate concept of self.  We employ such applications to imagine who we are.  You are reading these words with an expectation that some of these explanations will support the personal and cultural changes you are experiencing in a positive way.  I’m writing them with a similar vision in mind.

Balance is the key and usually found in the center of a range.  Good and/or bad are polarized experiences—not in balance.  If you are on the “right side” or do anything the “right way” you will need to deal with the wrong side or wrong way as a possible condemnation.  What a fun game and it makes judgment so simple.

And yes, you can be out of balance with ranges.  Imagine a large city like New York.  Say you have a detailed stack of maps—one for every city block.  All the information and details available contained in each map for their depicted area.  Can you imagine how difficult it would be with those maps for you to transgress this city from end to end?  Such a collection would be a large handicap for a stranger to the city.  But a taxi driver with 20 years’ experience may have all that data stored somewhere in memory.  All stored into memory over time and the data integrates with cross-indexing proving efficiency for sorting and recall. 

Now here is the caveat discovered in research.  If our New York City taxi driver had worked for enough time in a different field to develop some skill (enough data to integrate) there is a good probability that he would learn all those city routings faster, maintain the data longer and integrate updated data easier.  Skill may be in any field, related or not in this case to cabbing (i.e., car repair, musician, educator and even sports).  The level of mastery in any endeavor may be enhanced by exploration into any multitude of information from a diversity of ranges.  Most of us have encountered workers that may be competent but only know one way to perform their service.  I believe the gift from all the change we are undergoing today is to expedite integration of information.  Explore those new ranges!


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