About Wizards Cache

“Wizardscache” is a vehicle to entertain, define and integrate concepts in personality development, spiritual growth and/or the discovery of a potential for a person to aspire towards.  This title is derived from computer terminology; wizard is a template and a cache is a storage space.  A potential for becoming requires both structure and imagination.  A template represents the concept of structure and a cache is a space to collect dreams, visions, energy and feelings.  These blogs and various offerings of trainings, programs and webinars all target this goal of discovering potential for humans and guidance to realize them.

Structure as a pattern

Notice that your life, all those events that have happened, strung together along with the ambient that it occurs in, are a series of repetitious, habitual or redundant elements.  Random is not very common in human life and nowhere near the assumed 50% as in coin tosses.  Every redundant event in the universe was at one time a random event, and since the system has cycles, it is possible that every random event is redundant in time.  I believe we have all planted enough seeds and pets in our backyard to understand the presence of cycles.  Is structure for that which is possible a secured repetitive series of events or is a random event essential for a new potential becoming?  A potential for a person could be defined from observation over time as emanating from a pattern of growth.  This discovery of the change in becoming for that person would be random—not previously known.  With human development we may notice that we have a relationship with both forms of structure over time.

Time for creation

Creation by definition is the fact of being.  We humans like to imagine all that is possible is waiting out there for us to learn about, discover or activate.  What if potential for a human was waiting for the right time and not the right person or what if that potential is here now and we can’t perceive it yet?  Internal time for a human is metabolic, more of a rhythm perhaps from the nature of cycles.  Universal time is based on the movement of planets (or decaying radioactive material) and produces our concept of clock time.  The act of creation would have no need for any marking of time; only the imagination to be now.  But having a structure to define change and the concept of time to experience it are useful for humans because of our limited span of attention.

I need space

Space is also useful to us humans.  We sell space, rent space, give space and need space.  We think of space as empty but if it has a boundary it is defined.  The Universe is an expression of energy portrayed as stuff and space.  I could envision a space assigned a title and perhaps a meta tag transforming it into an object.  The energy to create the universe we perceive would be contained in both space and stuff with clear measurable limits in the objects and their entropy.  We have a clue from Albert Einstein’s formula, E=mc2, that there is more space than stuff, there is a relationship between them that includes movement (c is cosmic speed limit or speed of light) and there must be some structure to produce balance or there would never be repetitious, habitual or redundant elements. However, from this same prescription we can grasp that energy may be zero or infinity and matter not infinity (zero matter is a photon).  This imparts a big range for potential.

The nature of relationships in the universe

A sample of stuff and space






The nature of spiritual

I recognize the word spiritual as a theme, a subjective component, as in the “spirit of good will” and not the “Spirit of St. Louis”, an airplane or object.  Is “spiritual growth” a mandate to guide humans to attend more to their energy base and less to their objectified form and human needs?  I do believe there is an evolutionary mandate that does “guide” society toward a more meaningful and comprehensive position.  Meaning develops from attending to both the objectified view and the subjective feeling—the wholeness of being a human.    Attending to the subjective side allows you to feel how important it is to be you now and how that is supported or not by your friends and environment.  Lots of story indexes and great grounds for accolades or complaints.  Conflict is the seed for change and not the path.  Continue to attend and notice the objects that immerge from the field.  Sort, organize, accept and reject the pieces to define a starting point in becoming a new potential version of you.  You will not know but move and follow the clues; growth is the art of being lost.

Finding a starting point

OK!  I, the wizard, suggest you update your relationship with cycles.  Cycles have a start and a finish, otherwise they are not a cycle.  Is everything you ever started done?  The exception is what cycle you are now currently attending to.  If any of your “past” cycles are not complete you are holding them objectified (plus the energy associated which is subjective).  How much can you hold and still be you?  At some point the distortions could diminish the idea of you.  Holding on to more objects is not congruent with downsizing for spiritual growth.  Stop it!  This wizard may not know all but he is certain that being done is not quite that easy.  You may have a little work ahead of you.  Secure done before you start your quest for potential.

Becoming the wizard

Then, is acquiring a gargantuan body of knowledge and mastery of all human desires and drives a wrong direction?  Of course.  How long do you need to be lost before you realize that there is no need to be found?  With loads of useless knowledge you too may become an enlightened wizard.  Nice distraction while you are lost.  If I told you I was a wizard and I could turn you into an immortal god, you would probably say, “What do I need to do?”  That is funny

Sample Past Seminars:

Resources for Value

A seminar to seed your potential for becoming

The goal of this seminar was to design and implement a human operating level based on the relationship with the act of creation “as an ongoing event” and not “a once upon-a-time story.”  Initiating life as a human you may have operated from patterns seeking to secure:

  • survival
  • empathy
  • conservation of energy
  • authority
  • concept of an absolute truth
  • a time now awareness

At the next level of growth you may have started to operate from discovery (a change to truth now) and developed skill to secure preference (a potential), pattern management (entertaining possibility of change) and resourcing (imagining the change).  In this proposed level you may start to imagine a complete expression of you now as a state of being, fully secured with the assets needed to operate within the context of this state of becoming.  States are like templates that a human may develop, equipped with the essentials to operate and easily switchable.  Obviously, this may not be completely mastered in one seminar.  The ambition is to plant seeds to harvest on the day of becoming.     

Path of the Mystic

Traditional Shadow work, a walk through the valley of death

You spent your youth, with the support of family and community, learning to operate within the confines of your definition of personal self.  I don’t think it matters if the definition was random or by design.  You had a game and you spent a lot of years mastering the term “I believe I am…..”  You employed filters, imposed polarities, and set up events to demonstrate the validity of your belief.  Whether that process was ever secured (done) or not, you pushed those parameters out encroaching into unmanaged territory.  The new task was to tame the uncharted and many termed that process “spiritual growth.”  The new domain grew larger than your span of attention and your repertoire of learned stimulus/response.  You invented past and future to store the excess making you vulnerable to triggers that could layer one “time track” over another. Emotional threshold was the normal outcome for such a compilation and that froze you in fear, disoriented you with distractions, or frustrated your misdirected efforts.  You have discovered the shadow.  Stuck in this shadow of creation is historically termed the “dark night of the soul.”  The mystics were famous for suffering through the trial and learning to trust an external reference to guide them free of the imprisonment.  In this retreat we accomplished the goal in a less disabling format.  You found, labeled, and destroyed the trigger reinstating your ability to choose a state of being and not be pinned into one.  You then found, labeled and mastered this “survival” state.  With this state secured, you generated an external reference, an “eye in the sky”, which guided your selected course for development.  Yes, a very simple set-up but don’t forget the process of integration requires time.

Falling into Grace

Ascend and return to the state of grace

Creation would have no need for survival, empathy or energy distribution. In fact, creation would have to be a static state. No time, no movement, no location and no bias; only a dark pool of energy with infinite potential.  The “big bang”, life in this universe and any other expression of force would have to be a projection of potential.  Creation conserves but the projection of potential would sort in compliance to the bias projected.  Static is boring but projection is fun and now we have a game.  Choose a potential bias or be attracted to one and project a small redundant piece to produce a sequence and enter the game.  To select one potential would generate a fall from unlimited potential.  There could be no error within the whole of potential but limited states would require designed limited support to project and develop.  The fall from the state of creation would generate three questions: How do “I” survive; How do “I” get help; and What do “I” need to do.  The game just got complicated but there is an easy solution.  Fall back into Grace and in this retreat we did just that.


The greatest force in a projected game

If science is correct, the attention from a conscious observer transforms energy into particle; on some level spiritual growth would just be total objectification.  But if you can set aside your bias and attend to energy you become the source.  “I’m a creation” without the “I am” would be a creation.  A body of knowledge is an object and a task is movement of objects.  As a projected flow of energy you would need to discover within each event what energy needed objectification to be done with that event and move on to the next event.  The perception of being done secures the attention of the conscious you to move fully to the next event.  Life would still be a series of events, the redundant nature of life.  On this path energy would be projected in one direction and there is no shadow.  No shadow does not mean that you are perfect and always right.  You don’t need to be correct if you are valid by design, and energy in one direction is the characteristic of confidence.

Energy Accountability

Special three day retreat

It’s great that we don’t need to wake up earlier each morning to create ourselves.  Creation is not a task but a state of being.  Nothing for us to do but just be. The morning bowl of Cheerios or a Starbucks coffee are habits and may not be essential.  Life is made up of a lot of redundant pieces or events and most of these habits are useful.  Your potential is not a habit or a task.  It is a random state that realized may make for a useful habit for a time.  Humans process events as tasks (something to do) and states (someone to be).  You work hard on a project and when completed you get a reward.  The project was a task but the reward put you in a state of accomplishment. Get it?

Have you ever received a reward and not needed to do a task?  Think gift or prize.  It still feels great and it is an accomplishment—to receive.  For a task you need a to-do-list but for a state you need a change in definition (i.e., winner).  Easy to work with a step-by-step list and if you have the habit of completing your tasks you may be perceived as an accountable person.  Not so easy to change states or manage them.  With a little training we may become skilled at determining how much energy it takes to complete a task.  How much energy does it take to change your mood, attitude or state?  Too often we assume such change is the end product of a task but it is not; remember creation this morning or winning a prize?

1. Day one: Description of perhaps a better model to entertain this universe and the game of life. Defining terms and a look at reframing the events in your life.  Discover your preference and how you secure validation.  Meditate and explore the concept of internal/external references and their “magical” connectivity.

2. Day two: A look at emotions and what they do.  Discover how you assign value to events. Play with your design and make some changes.  Notice how it feels to be in charge?  Look at the nature of discovery and compare it to knowing.

3. Day three: What do we trust and who is doing the trusting?  Again, from meditation restructure the concept of you.  Nothing to do but watch and trust.  Now we can have fun with the celebration.