Words of the Wizard

Language is a sensory based assignment creating story indexes to incorporate a discovered use for an empty space (as an object) or a perception of an experienced event.  Each word contains a meta tag that portrays a range of meanings or values.  All humans are connected, perhaps not on the same conscious level or order of consciousness but stories generate this bridge of connection. A potential for a person would need a movement driven by energy to create and words may be the keys to the symbols assigned as gateways to produce a demonstration for this potential in reality.  These gateways could also be transformed into markers for internal mapping (feeling or sensory based).

the power of words

Magic of words

1. You are an expression of the greatest energy in the universe; Creation. Anything else would be a reaction.
2. Energy is nothing (no-thing).
3. Creation is the distortion of nothing.
4. Reality is a distortion that demands reaction (the mathematical computation of all possibilities).  Alternative action is a request and a decision if attention is on your presence.
5. Space is a second level distortion.
6. Personal—a series of repetitions that you fully identify with as “you.”
7. Thoughts are not personal—they are a stream with threads that you may have contributed.
8. Belief is a thought with repetition as credibility.
9. Illusion is anything that requires maintenance.
10. Emotion is a report (assignment to a feeling) from the energy to do a task, change states or get stuck.
11. A label may invoke a state of reaction to a field but is not personal.
12. Your attention may have force but does not need to project your bias—it is therefore not personal.
13. No need for psychic tools; as a field you are psi.
14. Awareness is everything that you are aware of now—constituting about seven plus or minus two percent of possible.  Literally a wind in your head.
15. Consciousness is the story you make up to include the concept of you (an object) into what you are aware of—this limits the package of awareness.
16. Soul is the perfection attracted from the moment of creation; a gateway to potential and not personal.  Perhaps a random meta tag.
17. Potential is the field of creation with a demonstration of forces: balance, random, redundant, self-organizing.
18. Spirit is the potential of soul. The demonstration you produce with your perfection or your act of living and this is personal.
19. Presence is a demonstration of energy (field) in a state of being now.
20. A state of being is the interface between a human and an event.
21. An event is a moment or a collection of moments coherent to a theme. Small events may nest within larger events.
22. Grace is a state of being without effort.
23. Trance is the normal state in an event with non-participation.
24. Disturbed is the normal state in an event with participation.
25. Awakened is discovering the larger event.
The nature of discovery is that you experience events that you have no linguistics knowledge to support. We record (make redundant) these discovered events by labels and feelings (body references). Semantics are important to avoid objectification (misdirected or limited value) and maintain the state as a field.  However, conscious objectification is a component of transformation.