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A reflection of beauty


Nymphea is music for reflection presented by Deborah Martin-Lemmon

Reflections on Creation:

Creation is a dark pool of energy with infinite potential; a force with no location, movement, bias or time. A timeless resource that is ultimately conserved by expressing potential only as projections. The chaotic system attributed to the “Big Bang” is a projection of probable and not a demonstration. The strange attractors generated as a projection within this chaotic system produce bias. These bias references, historically called witnesses, collect or sort these predictions of possible along a theme. Random “moments of projected potential” conserved, project redundant streams that are referenced as ranges of objectification. Life and everything in the universe is an illusion projected but reality is a reference for that capacity.

Reflections on Human:

Around ninety-one percent of human life is operated subconsciously and this runs most of the everyday tasks essential for life. The other nine percent comprises what we as a human are aware of now. Defining self in this awareness consumes three percent leaving six percent to formulate conscious events. Awareness is the title for how long (span) and/or how big (chunk size) our tastes or samples are of events that we are processing (personalizing) in this moment. The structure we use as a guideline for what we identify with is called personality. Literally this is a product of a dance of energy that produces patterns from a set of redundant energy movements. This is our first belief system, “I believe I am”, and with this a range based upon how valid this system appears that may direct our awareness from the moment “now” to some other perception in the illusion of time.
A sequence of events, often events nested within larger events, produce the experience we consciously report on as life. With this “conscious of self” piece we make up a story that supports our value in these events (validation) or allows us to entertain creation of this events. Most of this conscious piece is dedicated to learned stimulus/response, a rehearsed reaction probably for conservation of energy and dictated by the ever present intuition. Analysis, like effort, burns calories. Human beings have a sustained analog energy for metabolism with access to digital energy for tasks. This input of energy is recognized as emotion and not an issue if the task is attended to. Emotional energy also elevates humans to different states (moods) which are simply a different operating system. In “higher” or “enlightened” states humans are less distracted by shadow influences (invalidation) and the illusion of time past or future.
Awareness of “now” only contains awareness of creation and any belief system moves us away from this unique awareness. If we are not creating (the act of exchanging energy to form) we are then created as a “particle” somewhere. Awareness of creation is valid without question but awareness of life as a location needs validation. This magic moment of time “now” houses only creation; no other thoughts, past or future may be held in this moment.
What we call “growth” is the integration of what we learn (knowledge), what we discover that works only now (mapping), and what we allow to be created—this integration improves quality of life grounded in our perceived values. What we believe produces the resistance to this act of integration.
“Body reference”, the way something or sometime “feels”, based on perceived sensory sensations (taste, touch, smell, sight, sound) produces levels of discernment that are a reliable guide for return to awareness “now.” Discipline is required to develop this system into an alternative for reestablishing awareness of creation. Training maps these “references” to open a path of return—sourcing potential of creation as a resource.

Reflections on Consciousness:

Consciousness is the story you make up about what you are aware of. We live in a universe that is random and redundant. If your story is not about lunch it is probably a random event. Lunch is redundant—right. But it is important that you include you in all your reports on life to insure the process of development. Make up a good story; make it personal but don’t allow it or any story to be more important than you. Story creation is very serving but still an illusion. Understand also that when we say “you make it up” does not mean you conjure and scheme. The story emanates as the event transpires but there is a hierarchy.

Reflections on Spirit:

I don’t perceive spirit as a ghost, soul personality, dead person or old man on a throne. For me spirit is far more subjective than any of the above. Subjective means a “subject” and not an “object.” Spirit is not a thing but a theme. For example the spirit of adventure or the spirit of fun are broad themes and the Spirit of St. Louis is an airplane. Personality is everything possible within the defined parameters of how it feels to be “me.” Spirit is the range of energy running through patterns to produce feelings. Form emanates as the embodiment of feelings.
A mature or secure individual runs enough energy to support the feeling of self as an “energy presence” at the bottom of the range of spirit and the certainty to fully identify with creation at the top end. The first level of growth is to secure personal self; literally to feel present “all the time” creating the analog expression of time and space. The second is to abandon this personal conscious story of self to reveal the range of spirit. The third is to develop human relationships sourcing energy. The fourth is to bridge to external references to enrich or add themes expanding the singularity called spirit or identifying with a secure alternative that I call a stream—a potential independent of personal self but valid. And discovering a “we” through service—integrating the potential for a group of secure individuals with a common valid thread.

Reflections on Development:

Evolution simply means that things change over time. The things that continue are successful at replicating themselves. Life in this universe continues because survival is supported by natural selection; the forces of nature are doing the selecting. The two strongest replicators in the universe today are the gene, the basic replicator of biology, and meme, the basic replicator of subjective ideas. Entropy is the fading out of what is not selected.
Development simply means that things change over time around a subject, theme or event. You may not be important to the continuation of life in this universe or the best replicator but you are a subject, theme or event. Yes, you are attracted to danger, food and sex, but with you included. Why would you participate in a game where constantly winning competitions determined your survival or being judged by an indifferent external power? Authentic (realistic reference) comparative is a good test and guide for improvement if a subject, theme or event is to continue. Your attention allows you to energize change that supports you (or not) and the conscious story you make up allows you to entertain a possible outcome. Your power to choose (you select) is not a natural selection but a determined empowerment of the values that you hold sacred, a direction you know nothing about but trust the discovery, and/or you invoke the potential to create anew now (right place—right time). Remember, evolution will balance life at any cost but development will balance life with you surviving as part of it.
The game is not to break the laws of nature but participate in a larger world. All sets of rules are belief systems. You don’t need to make the system wrong—just move to a larger view of possible. Creation is the consideration (energizing the projection) of all thing that are possible now.

Reflections on Validation:

We have all observed how much children and young adults need reciprocity. They either inquire as to how well they performed or brag about how well they believe they performed. If we were part of an event as creation we would need to discover how to “be” and curiosity could lead to “will”; a relationship with a creation event. With a series of events as reality we need to learn and rehearse what to do to be real; knowledge is a relationship with a reality event. We humans perform this task with our stories. Reality is defined as anything that you need to be in reaction to. Knowledge is a repertoire of learned techniques attempting to manage and control reality which is silly because by definition it is already controlling us; we are at reaction.

Step away from words for a moment and imagine a watermelon. At will you could change this image to a pumpkin. Yes, you are the creator and this is a creation event. Next go to the store and purchase a “real” watermelon. Have fun using your will to change it to a pumpkin. Wise to chill it first because at some point you will need to eat it or your friends will believe you have lost touch with reality. Important to be valid otherwise you are just a creator.

Reflections on Polarity:

First level distortion (or limitation) is polarity. At one pole the slow rate of frequency (male energy) produces agreements based on cost/pay-off to minimize loss. The higher frequency end (Female energy) produces agreements based on enough complexity to insure all possibilities in order to avoid guilt. The design of the body reflects this distortion referred to as gender. Spirit has no polarity and may create at either pole but the polarized body can only process one side.

At the slow rate of frequency it is easy to abandon a repeated energy that fails to produce the effect desired. We call this cost/payoff; an act of conservation and congruent with the universe. Reality is the range of all that is possible. Therefore, a man is valid (real) if he can abandon a perception that doesn’t fit the attended range of reality. Yes, this is an illusion but it produces a demonstration in the attended range of reality.

For the higher frequency end the goal is to include everything in the attended range to support potential; congruent with an all potential universe. The simply solution is to pile (nest) all the repetitive patterns. At some point this “heap” will expand to include all the energy in the attended range of reality and the female is valid for her improvement. The collection does support all the whole and complete patterns in a complex bundle. Another illusion but feels like perfect because nothing was abandoned.

Either pole yields limitation and function equally well. The amusing part is when the two extremes attempt to communicate their sense of value.

Reflections on Semantics:

Semantics is the art and science of assigning names and value to “the way something feels”; the foundation of language. Words and numbers are symbols that we humans create to mark our relationship in space and “time” to an object, event or interface with another human. Sensory input is stored in associated memory as a “body reference”—it feels right. If we don’t muck it up by any type of grouping of similar symbols, this original symbol bridges the limited internal experience and syncs with the potential that is projected at that moment; otherwise you could not perceive or process the value. The preserved symbol insures future development. We make the symbol important and we add value by attending to it. At your birth you got life and a name. The name is your symbol that links to all the potential that was there for you at that special moment (spirit). Potential is limited to what you believe; your astrological sign, your mothers dream for you, your religion or your cultural package. All this is on hold until you learn to tie your shoes, etc.

Reflections on Memetics:

Genetics is very interesting but it doesn’t account for most of the demonstrations we see in life. A demonstration is the way we act or function. Common to most humans is the perception that we are more than objects or things. We are a living organism that evolves, perhaps develops and then dies. The thoughts and feelings we experience are hard to assign value to but when attended to they may change our life demonstrations. This is all the nature of semantics but humans are not very predictable, consistent or even congruent on how they define value less yet attend to it. Often humans invest or direct energy into subjective ideas that do change their life demonstrations but they believe the subjective ideas are created by someone else or belong to an external teaching. They don’t seem to understand the simple fact that if you energize any idea you are creating. The idea is only a statement of potential. External sources may be difficult for many humans until they develop a more whole perception of potential. Until such time these subjective ideas appear to have a stream of life of their own with direction and survival. The study of these streams of subjective ideas is called memetics.

Reflections on Stillness:

The mass of a body at rest appears to be the measure of its internal energy. This level I refer to as the still-point and the body reference is stillness. Mass and energy in general appear to be essentially convertible terms. The mass of a body increases with an increase in its velocity relative to the system on which the mass is measured. In the human system what we retain in mass (form) is what we value; our bodies, our belief systems, concepts, personal rituals and traditions, etc. The act of flexing between views and/or reviewing regularly what we hold sacred increases the speed in which we process life. Less time holding on to anything yields a greater capacity to entertain a larger range of things sacred or of value. This state is often referred to as enlightenment.
This act of flexing or re-sampling is such an arduous task because most of what we hold sacred is below awareness with value imposed by family and culture. Difficult for the average human to venture far from their deep seated programming and I’m certain this is why monks and priests were the first group to explore this terrain of autonomy. You had to be willing to abandon normal secular life and values to join a religious order and the order quickly imposed their value system on the novitiates. Yet thousands pursued this calling for years in both the eastern and western religious models.
Today with some meditation techniques and a commitment to personal growth anyone can walk the path of those monks and priests from days past. Finding that still quiet space below the demands and noise of life is worth a little time on “the pillow.”

Reflections on Agreements:

Can you imagine someone else as correct without you believing you are wrong? Intuition establishes a sensory benchmark that serves as a reference for improvement but at some point this process becomes a limitation. This act of rising to a comparative level is supported by an agreement know as family, business or culture. The only state of being that doesn’t need an agreement to maintain is creation. An agreement is an investment of energy to generate a force that represents the capacity of a projected potential from creation. This force makes the participants feel alive (movement) and supports what they believe (the pattern of how they move). If the force is not here now the agreement is an illusion. If it is never here it is a delusion. If you experience some emotions the agreement has touched reality. Very little here to validate the participants. If the agreement produces emotions and is here now you have a reality and the participants are now valid. But humans are valid by being present now (a creation) and thus the agreement has served its purpose to awaken them and is no longer needed. You are valid and secured (done with the agreement).

Reflections on Healing:

Entrainment is the art of temporarily moving the “idea of you” aside to experience from internal sensory perception another human. The goal for discernment is to taste the expression of another without being possessed by their “idea of self.” This idea of self is personality or ego and it does require some practice or discipline to execute this protocol. This skill is a product of developing intuition and, once accomplished, we could say the idea of self is secured.
A healer is someone that is secure enough in this moment to fully attend to another human and support their discovery of a congruent healthy state for them now. Conscious entrainment with another, the ability to walk in their shoes for a moment, is a fundamental component in what I refer to as healing. The magic is that when the healer abandons their present state (veil) a gateway opens to source energy flowing into both the healer and the client creating a healthy state with no bias or judgment (the exclusion of ego). Yes, your attention to energy may create matter but your attention internal (away from forming ego) connects you to creation—the source of energy. Two or more different humans in the act of experiencing their validity, all from different states in the same moment, transform to different but congruent healthy states simultaneously and this I call enrichment. This human experience I term the Art of Healing.