End of the Season

December 1st, 2023

The last theory that Stephen Hawking was working on before he passed was a “Top-down cosmology for the universe in a holographic form.” (On the Origin of Time by Thomas Hertog).  You may recall, in quantum theory, an observer may influence energy to change it into a particle.  In this latest theory, life (on Earth) is the observer and the heart of design for the universe we inhabit.  A game changer and it will be fun to see how this plays out in cosmology.  Nice associated piece, not sure how relevant that is to philosophy or psychology but I have been teaching with that premise secured—we may influence our future.  An imagined design or concept in our three-dimensional space is a holographic form.

Life form adheres to the first law of thermodynamics, the law of conservation.  We humans store basic life lessons as patterns and only add minimal information to the basic patterns if an update is required.  We have learned to manage and survive with a minimal investment of energy.  That is the basis of limited consciousness and resistance to change, new ideas and implementation.

That said, we need a clear and open range to implement potential.  All our energy attention needs to focus and flow into that space to bring potential into structured form.  Our natural inclination is to move “everything” into the new space under the guise of improvement.  We bury our potential below our past to conserve.  The unknown you faced at birth is your gateway into potential.  Do you understand the merit of the old phrase, “born again?”

At birth you had very little history (in womb was a real experience) and your parents (family, culture, country) “demanded” a title and set of limitations for you to comply to that first law of thermodynamics—your name is the anchor.  Now we have a starting point conserved and a game.

Like any game, if you pay attention, you can navigate the game.  With a little attention (awareness) we could build a better birdhouse or implement numerous potential experiences in life.  More complexity requires more attention and questions defining where to focus attention.  The answers or information flows in packets or quanta of energy that I call clues.  As a metaphor, think of reading a novel.  You may have selected the book because of author, topic, or just the book cover.  Each chapter provides content and clues guiding you to the yet unrevealed conclusion.  Potential is an unknown chapter in your life.  The main difference is that with a book you can cheat and advance to the final chapter—not so with life.

The goal this year was to secure the open range you created last year with nothing but a statement of merit or value.  Empty space is a question that invites clues in compliance to your title of merit.  Do you get that space always evolves over time? I call this a set-up.  Your questions about clues will both inform and inspire you providing momentum evolving into a response.  Yes, the force of evolution will generate a response and your potential will be birthed.  This is the same process that you experienced with your physical birth anchored by name and culture.  Faster this time around because you are familiar and skilled with the set-up.


Selena Ingles
Illinois, US

The nemesis of the dark is the light. 
Dancing and prancing it weaves together a tapestry of
emotions, behavior and patterns.  Without the duality of
both dark and light one becomes their own worse nemesis
and fights to survive.  Residency in survival causes our true
selves to be oppressed.  We can not win for losing as both
sides collide.  Society draws a line in the sand and asks,
which will you decide?  Knowing good and well that it is
with these two sides aligned that we may find our light.
Finding balance in both, we find security and hope.  Hope is
a beautiful lie that we eat when our hearts sigh.  Grounding
deeply in between these two is the best thing for me and
you.  Together we can survive.  Unchained by words of men,
listening to the voice within.  You and me and them.  This
world is ours to take.  Let us each take each other by the
hand and work together for this land.
-A gift for a changing world.

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