Explore an Idea

May 1st, 2023

What I define as a range could be instead termed a new theory, a new friend, organization, sport, game or a belief system (aka, religion).  My use of the term range is from the context of an increase in potential that would be outside of what you now know and do—an extension or a new territory.  I operated a center for over fourteen years and presented a hodgepodge of different concepts, techniques and protocols to explore.  I used to tell students that, “I was trying to build a better birdhouse.”  In fact, I was introducing ranges for students to explore—their next step, “healing” or answer to their “meaning of life.”  There is an old saying, “To grow a forest you need to plant a lot of trees” and I was spreading seeds. 

While young I got in the habit of chasing rainbows.  I asked a lot of questions only to discover more questions.  The popular logic was that there was a correct answer or absolute truth but the muse that inspired me was in a poem by Robert Frost: 

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and II took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”

Most people are looking for something to secure into, expand and grow with and I believe that is wise.  Uniting bonds have supported human life for many centuries and those paths formed the patterns for life today.  It is also a fact that explorers have contributed vastly to this process by mapping unchartered terrain.  I find great joy in walking with friends and loved ones but I keep my compass close by.

A word is a logical structure in sound and form that depicts a symbol.  A symbol is a sensory perception.  I grew up attending to symbols (pictures or images) rather than translating them into language.  For me, symbols continue to reveal but words leave me with a definition.  I used to instruct my intuition students to just describe the picture they witnessed for the client and not create a story.  For this reason, I presented last month a tool for exploring new areas with symbols. 

I was headed to a local park one summer as a teen and spotted an older lady scanning the street both directions at a crosswalk.  I stepped up next to her and offered my hand and walked her across the intersection.  At the other side she said “thank you” and then asked a bewildering question.  “Why did you bring me across the street when I was waiting for the bus?”  My bad, misread that picture!  Of course, I walked her back to the corner bus stop and waited with her to safely get on her ride.  Seeing the details as potential (a question) is not always so simple.  Sometimes you have to walk with someone for a time.  If symbols are not your thing, join a group, one with a sound theory and make some friends.  Trust someone to take your hand and guide you safely to your next stage.  I believe that all the people on this planet can find unity but that their paths and goals may be very different.  United means connected and not identical.


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