Attention Required

July 1st, 2023

You now have a larger range, and perhaps many more arrays for potential to develop.  That was our goal with our work in 2022 and you may now be streaming new ideas with plans unfolding.  If you still feel overwhelmed with tasks with never enough time to complete, you may have “chunked-up” the size of everything on your to-do list.  Literally made every undertaking “larger” to fill the extra range and create a change in state known as “same, same.”  Time is a relationship with mass; how fast you can move anything from point A to B as a distance or complete redundant events.  Practice finds a balance point between your inspiration and the perceived value of it in the world (return for investment).  When you chunk-up you gain nothing in value, and in fact often realize less return.  Mass is not a thing but a rate of energy expenditure (referenced by Higgs field).  Potential flows the energy to create and if you attempt to manage that extra energy you will get very stressed.  Balance is achieved by allocating some measure of time to attend to all the distinguished elements—not to complete them.  Attention is an element in the structured world and it will develop a new configuration.  Driven by the influx of energy it will facilitate a more effective schedule.  You may have to generate a few questions to stay on track but don’t try to control the process.  

I see each year some organization evaluates which nation is the “friendliest.”  My question is what constitutes friendliness?  Turns out there are a lot of markers all analyzed from surveys.  What I found most interesting is the disproportionate relationship between “trust” and “talkativeness.”  People living in countries with very stable government and high levels of accountability don’t like to chat.  They may be friendly to everyone and polite but find no need for long conversations.  This may appear a little odd, but folks in very unstable countries and with high crime love to converse.  Yes, they are wary and cautious about what they say but still very verbose.

Do you see the correlation for how uncertain times, growth, corruption, deception, etc. induces more guarded conversation with a large need to play out in dialog all the variables?  Yes, we even prefer to chat on line which is less personal because it presents our human drama as a pattern and not a choice.  Conspirators, like politicians, are defending their view and not creating a conversation.  Don’t take change personal!  Who may you trust today in our world?  I would be delighted, as a retired teacher, to answer any questions but I cannot resolve your growth.  Do you understand why I retired?  My advice is to pay attention, lots of attention, and form great questions.  Don’t trust me or anyone in our uncertain times.  If you ask me a question, I will give you an answer to redirect your question to your act of creation—your potential.  Everything needed to drive perspective is contained within the creation; energy, clues, and a grand vision.  You just need to map the path through structure to generate a “truth” for you.


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