Face the Risk

August 1st, 2023

It is a phenomenon that once a person becomes accomplished, say, as an athlete, musician, or most any professional, they may quickly obtain the same high levels with a second professional endeavor.  A related field of course is most productive for such change but evidence documents that all types of career redirects are possible to expedite.  This is one of the reasons why we created more range.  This month we will look at a less obvious influence that supports this effect.

Your first range for a potential for being an expression in form initiates at birth, or at least some yet undetermined moment before or during the term.  How many years, carefully coached by parents, family and culture, did it take to develop you into a competent adult human?  Your frontal brain lobes for decision making don’t kick in until you are around 25 years old and you never obtain more than seven to nine bits of consciousness to work with.  A challenge and there are more limits that are less obvious.  

You are instructed how to walk, talk, eat, sleep and behave and you do an amazing job learning.  You are also informed not to touch hot ovens, sharp objects, electrical outlets, play in the street or drink unknown substances.  It is a dangerous world and the most important lessons are to keep you safe and alive.  But all this information is not stored in a manual.  It is totally integrated into patterns, most of which are unconscious; we are not yet sure where they are stored in your body but you can access this data at near the speed of light and your conscious thinking brain does not need to be involved—it is too slow.  Call it intuition if you like; it integrates risk with stored familiar information and defensive movement into an action faster than your brain can think.  Now that is wise!  Your early teachers and learning experience do affect it to some degree but it will implement action with the goal to protect you.

Congratulations, if you are reading this blog, you were successful with your first range of potential.  If you have been following this stream of blogs you have created space for a second range of potential for you.  Now here is the caveat — your first range is secured as risk-aversion.  Unknown potential is always a risk.  Have you ever had trouble implementing a new and improved (increased potential) version of you into the range you were birthed into?  We have some great success if the avenue is aligned with family and culture (part of first range) or as some change in state for you.  For example, as a promotion in a job or field that coincides with your family and cultural considerations.  Do you understand why only around 3% of folks can secure a major desired change in behavior into their life?  Never wise to abandon your first range (protection) but don’t attempt to integrate it with your new range.  Next month we will start to set up your new range for risk with a new potential.


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