Define the Path

September 1st, 2023

Before we start the task of designing a new range, we should entertain a metaphor for the difference between a range and a state.  Water traditionally has three states with science now possibly adding a fourth (H3O2).  The original three were liquid, vapor and ice.  Oxygen has other ranges and with Carbon that starts with CO2 (carbon dioxide).  And Hydrogen also shares a range with Carbon as in Hydrocarbons (HGLs) in many forms.  In fact, all the elements on the atomic table are a state of energy expressed in form (pattern) and most combine to generate different ranges.  Lots of repetition in all the systems of our world.

My interpretation of ranges and their potential is inspired by Robert Kegan’s work on what he calls “Orders of Mind”.  Lots of complexity and biology contributes to these maturing levels of range, especially with the first two in the series.  I imagine that most of you have seen “adults” that act very juvenile a majority of the time confirming that biological age is not a predominate influence.  That said, most of you reading this blog are in level three, some in level four, seeking entry into the next potential range.  Kegan professes that an “order” or range is a subject that you may imagine, talk about and even plan for.  Transition of this concept of potential from being a subject into an object is elevated by your attendance, your presence of being in this new range of potential.  For example, you can plan a trip to Disneyland and research all possible adventures offered but that is never the same as the experience of being there.  Lots of information available that you must assume to be true yet unknown.  Post visit you become the person that knows and that level of information secures this change.

In philosophy the first order to establish a new range is to form a moral statement.  In my teachings, I call it defining a value.  Moral feels like a religious idea, but today, value feels like profit.  For now, try to imagine you having merit for your participation in life moving forward.  Counter to the consequence of dragging your present range of potential into this new expanse—everything would lose merit. 

I wasted a lot of time in my first transition by taking classes, joining organizations, hours of meditation and seeking guidance from people with a better story.  All I created was a lot of demand and some depression that led me to feeling exhausted most of the time.  I disassociated with everything but my job and created (imagined) a new range in the manner offered in last years series of blogs.  If you recall, it takes attention to clues and self-directed questions.  In a short time, my job space got easier and my field of attention expanded.  I became aware of the range offering and contemplated how to active this terrain.  Sitting on my apartment roof each night and watching the fireworks from Disneyland inspired me.  Those small rockets, when ignited, make a very massive and beautiful demonstration.  My statement, “In my spare time, I will influence people in a positive manner.”  Two weeks later I started teaching in my spare time.   


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