Find the Pause

July 1st, 2024

I worked for years in human resources training employees and salesmen. My preferred protocol was examples and testimonies to motivate and support associates in developing work skills.  I’m a good story teller.  As I converted to facilitating programs that supported humans in the process of developing new potential with life, I maintained these procedures and added what I call tools (techniques).  The tools that we taught were designed to move attention from the reaction in a life event to the actual movement of energy in the body to e-mote (emotion to energize) the reaction.  What we have observed is that if we can create a conscious moment in time between stimulus/response we have a chance to opt for decisions instead of reactions.  This also generates anomalies but such phenomena were not often part of logical structure and failed to produce this time-tag needed. 

Truth said, if we could motivate a student to stay in training for a year we would, on average, gain our desired response a majority of the time for two to five years after the program.  Supporting this training with interactive social events elongated the duration of this prospective.  However, when working with near 200 individuals, all with some type of emotional issue, being civil was not high on anyone’s to do list.  The fact that we only had to “exile” two students for “violent behavior” over our fourteen years of operation was a good indicator of success.  In fact, the directive to be kind and respectful to fellow students generated a deeper and slower pacing when discussing anomalies and phenomena.  We produced a lot of seminars discussing miracles, “the great mystery tradition”, the Kabballah, and the various philosophies contemplated over the past centuries.  Perhaps the mandate to extend curiosity to the troubled individual next to you altered the immediacy of their demand for resolution. 

It is amazing that a law derived from observing the performance of a steam engine, the first law of thermodynamics, was found applicable to human system operations.  To conserve, we humans can construct a practice and secure it as automatic so we waste no energy contemplating it (consciously thinking).  Great ability with redundance to expedite performance in work, play and security.  Attending consciously to your unique concept of self participating in an event, will pass a threshold, override the redundance and allow for decision making.  This involuntary system is fast and effective but if you fail to break occasionally from the habit of it, your life starts to become totally run by redundances (addictions).  I believe this threshold is reached by attending to the interaction of your concept of self, your concept of a potential for you, and the interaction with others attending to the same undertaking (psychosocial integration).


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