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June 1st, 2024

Do you understand why the teacher/philosopher Martin Heidegger (1927) crafted the question, “Why do we get something instead of nothing?”  If we are a product of an energy experience and it has all potential there should be no demonstration.  Any form would be a bias and counter-hypothetically to all probability.  We, I believe, are a product of a well-crafted game and a phenomenon.  Saying that indicates that every expression possible for energy, including energy in form, is conceivable.  From the view of energy, everything has potential and an expression is mandatory to support balance.  This is the game of life and the variable is time—the fourth dimension.  Nothing can be permanent.

Any expression of potential via energy is a phenomenon.  We humans are packaged, by design, into a special set of parameters.  A logical system where the logic in form is a sub-set game in creation (particle theory).  Obviously, we are birthed into it and die out of this package in time.  There is a set-up for each new expression in form (a child) to learn the basic structure with time allotted to explore deeper and more unique features (family, culture, education, etc.).  Again, by design, we are indoctrinated into a logical system where the elements that are associated with the program (background-a collection of symbols or what we call nature) are defined by logical thinking and language as the “truths” of the system.  Here is the point of confusion; as noted above, nothing can be permanent.  Any truth today has to evolve but this event is not readily observable because our logical time moves so slow compared to the default for energy—speed of light.   

We observe the changes in the “background” (again, from Martin Heidegger) and perceive it as a problem to solve, denying evolution as the process designated to manage this detail.  Our logical system, all of our absorbed intuitive patterns, our education, our deductive and inductive reasoning, are all just acquired redundances.  Literally ripples in time and the sum total of most human practices.

To perceive the opportunity of a previously undefined aptitude, we humans need to connect on as many levels as possible (psychosocial integrationErik Erikson).  Potential growth comes from wholeness (all parts), the sum total of all human experience.  With the opposite model, if redundance becomes the rule or truth, you will be dealing with some form of addiction. 

Phenomena are all real but most are not “logical truths” and none are designed to save humanity.  We are part of a game plan and it is not broken—it’s evolving.  Your access to new potential is influenced by how effectively that discovery evolves humanity.  You are a token in the game of engagement evolving life to new levels of yet undefined capability.


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