Time to Plan the New Decor

May 1st, 2024

Wise to start this first step of developing potential in our new range with an example.  Say you get a new job, new relationship, new house, new friend, etc.  Any and all of these events could provide an opportunity to open a new range, expand a range, or update an old one by identifying new possibilities within.  However, our human intuition will unconsciously evaluate every one of these openings, a majority of the time, in favor of the option most closely aligned with one having a secured past experience.  For this reason, efforts to update old ranges or expand others usually fail.  The standard in training is to instruct students to generate a new range, secure it as empty and pay a lot of attention for clues that encourage development.  We have done that! 

It is nearly impossible for humans to attend to discover with only around 7 bits of conscious ability to focus.  Intuition is a powerful tool and not fully appreciated because most of that function is unconscious or subconscious.  This is why we taught classes in clairvoyance to direct your attention to this hidden process and not just so you may earn the title of “spiritual psychic reader.”  Attention, and not intuition, is the most difficult and yet essential tool we need to develop.  

Extremely rare that learning one protocol would produce a large enough attention boost to overcome any internal programming.  In training, we teach lots of tools and offer lots of stories to direct the emphasis towards capability and away from defensive patterns.  Typically, basic training is divided over three or more programs covering diverse topics all applying some version of the basic training skills and each supported by a plethora of example stories.  Each of these themes will need more time-committed programs of instruction.  The goal is not to teach more “truths” as skill with tools but rather provide a wide sampling that a director or teacher could recommend for exposure to the areas that are strongly defended in each student. 

I’m referencing above the type of training fashioned in a center where I was the director.  Any topic such as music, meditation, art, health, sports, fitness, spiritual, and even advanced mathematics and science will work fine for this style of training.  Not so with any type of dogmatic platform where only a sole teacher or preferred staff possess the knowledge and skill.  The goal is your potential and not someone’s guarded ownership of theirs. 

Humans are generally very similar but that small precent of difference carries most of their value as identity.  The fact is that most humans historically, and some even today, are willing to die for something they believe as a truth.  Do you get how that unconscious defense system is in charge?  We could say that death is the absence of anything interesting that could be imagined.  If you don’t agree, you’re imagining something different and the game continues.

Phenomena is a little different form of example and we will go into that in the next chapter.  From the message above, you see why my emphasis with on-line (YouTube) training last year was about teaching structure.  This year it is about theory and how to allow room for potential to flourish.


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