Seeking Innovation

April 1st, 2024

We are initiating this “range development” process with a focus on children because we hold the impression that they are very imaginative.  They do demonstrate a vivid imagination but not for innovation, for structure—the right or expected way.  I’m inspired by the work of Jean Piaget but his style of reporting is not an easy read for most.  Andrew Shtulman is todays leading expert on children’s imagination and an enabling force behind innovation.  I recommend his book, Learning to imagine: the science of discovering new possibilities.  Harvard University Press, 2023: ISBN 9780674248175.

It has been my observation that the average human has a plethora of unconscious patterns focused on movements (actions) to protect their life.  Not a bad thing having blueprints protect your life when you run around 93% unconscious.  Obviously vital that we obtain this knowledge early in life along with other associated guidance.  We experience an expedited learning curve as a child yet we don’t learn half the complexity needed to develop into fully defined potential.  I perceive their learning spotlight is unconsciously a list of essentials that are basic for a general overview of how to embrace life as a human.  The term “Come again as a child” may not be sufficient to reach life potential.  In fact, scientific research indicates that education boosts innovation more proficiently than imagination.  What we learn supports a better mesh and in fact a more proficient form of imagination associated with innovation.  “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes” is a quote by Marcel Proust that hints imagination needs to mature upon an educated platform.

If you aspire to the concept of success in life “as reaching some level of potential”, you may need to expand your range of conceivable and that is our goal.  The limits to how far you may travel with imagination has built in human constraints.  Research proves that we need more learning as inducement to approach those higher levels yielding a new prospective.  You may discover clues via fantasy, fiction and other forms of imaginative stimulus but they offer no real secure gains toward your goal.  Imagination provides only an impetus to select diverse topics to explore.  This process requires a lot of attention, not in finding an answer but in understanding a model or principle that will reveal an inkling.  Your questions guide you to hints that will amalgamate into a wide scope of understanding stemming from these new learned comprehensions.  The more diverse the knowledge base the longer you may sustain with your new aptitude.

Life is full of redundancies with change always waiting at the edge to insert influence.  Starting next month our focus of attention will spot and invoke change to facilitate this new impetus for securing potential.  Each month we will invoke a different scale to focus attention.  We have a new game.


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